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Zakaria R. Tuhin and Detol Khan, Pembroke Pines, Florida Store Owners, Arrested for Synthetic Marijuana Trafficking

Zakaria R. Tuhin and Detol Khan, Pembroke Pines, Florida store owners, were arrested Monday after they were accused of selling synthetic marijuana in their stores, news sources report. Tuhin, 30, and Khan, 44, were each booked into the Broward County Main Jail on five counts of distribution of synthetic marijuana. It is unclear whether they have qualified for bail bond. It is also not yet known whether they have obtained a defense attorney.

According to reports, Tuhin and Kahn each operated their own business in Pembroke Pines: the Taft Market and Deli on Northwest 77th Way and The Food Store on Pembroke Road. It is unclear how Tuhin and Kahn’s arrest the future of those businesses. It is also unclear whether the defendants made a statement following their arrests.

The city of Pembroke Pines banned synthetics marijuana in September, reports indicate, making it illegal for retail stores to carry the drug. Reports say detectives began investigating the two businesses a few months after the ban, during which time detectives allegedly purchased synthetic marijuana from the businesses several times. Police say the two defendants labeled the synthetic drugs as “Spice.”

On Monday, detectives armed themselves with a search warrant and searched both storefronts. During the sweep of both stores, detectives found 681 packages of synthetic drugs with an estimated value of $11,200. The detectives also found other substances that are currently being tested by investigators; if the results show those substances are also illegal, the defendants could face more charges.

In other Florida news, Deana Marie Day of Marion County was arrested Friday after she was accused of defrauding adoption agencies, reports say. Day, 33, was booked into police custody on charges of grand theft and adoption fraud. She has since been released from jail on a $4,000 bail bond. It is unclear whether she has hired legal representation.

According to reports, Day became pregnant and made arrangements through a law office to have the baby put up for adoption after it was born. As part of the arrangement, the law office said it would find a couple to adopt the baby and compensate Day’s living expenses until the baby was born. Detectives say the office paid Day a total of $6,718.52 in living expenses.

The law office terminated the agreement when it learned that Day was receiving similar compensation from another office, sources say. Detectives say Day contacted several law offices for adoption help for the same child; one of the offices reportedly gave her $2,000 while she was receiving compensation from the other office.

Police interviewed Day following the accusations and she reportedly told the detectives that she had fired the law office because she no longer wanted to put her child up for adoption. She also told the officers that she had dealt with several law agencies, some of whom gave her money, but not at the same time. According to reports, this is the second child Day has put up for adoption. Reports did not specify whether the first adoption was successful.

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