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Zachary Bird of Broward County, Floirda Arrested for DUI

Zachary Bird of Broward County, Florida was arrested after Florida Highway Patrol officers accused him of driving drunk and becoming violent after being arrested, according to news reports. Bird, 41, was charged with driving under the influence, criminal mischief, and felony battery of a law enforcement officer, sources indicate. He was apparantly released from Broward County Jail after posting an unspecified bail bond. It is not clear whethr Bird, who works as a doctor and anesthesiologist at several area hospitals and clinics, has retained a private criminal defense lawyer.

According to press reports, Bird was arrested after an incident on the Central Florida Greenway near Curry Ford Road at approximately 1:30 in the morning last Sunday. A Florida Highway Patrol trooper purportedly claimed that Bird was speeding and nearly hit the trooper’s car with his BMW. The trooper subsequently pulled Bird over. Bird, the officer claimed, smelled of alcohol, had glassy, bloodshot eyes, and could not stand up straight. He reportedly told officers that he “treats you guys in the E.R” but refused to provide a blood sample.

Troopers reportedly conducted several field sobriety tests, which typically consist of walking in a straight line and other such dexteriety tests. Bird allegedly failed two and was arrested thereafter. Officers reported that after arresting Bird and placing him in the back of the patrol car, they conducted a search of Bird’s BMW. The search allegedly revealed $14,000, a .45-caliber semiautomatic handgun, a .44-caliber revolver, a vial of liquid, and a bottle of unidentified pills. Troopers also reportedly found $40,000 in Bird’s pockets.

As Bird was not charged with gun possession, the guns were likely registered, legal weapons. The bottle and vial were reportedly sent to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, which will determine whether the substances are legal. It is not clear whether Bird was given an opportunity to offer an explanation.

According to press reports, Bird became upset when troopers confiscated his money. He allegedly began to move around in the back of the patrol car, hitting his head against a partition until he bled. Bird then allegedly spat a mouthful of blood into the arresting trooper’s face. He also allegedly kicked the inside of the patrol car, damaging the hinges. Much of this was reportedly caught on the patrol car’s camera.

Bird allegedly continued to violently resist at Florida Hospital East Orlando, where he was transported for treatment after his arrest. Bird allegedly told the three troopers that he could “take” them, said that he had weapons at home, and threatened them. It does not appear as though Bird actually injured any of the troopers.

Bird’s alleged actions inside of the patrol car reportedly resulted in several hunded dollars worth of damage and necesitated cleaning by a hazmat team. It is not clear whether the trooper who Bird allegedly spat on received any special treatment after allegedly coming into contact with blood.

Bird reportedly told troppers that he worked at Parrish Medical Center in Titusville. He is also listed as the cofounder of The Body Sculpture Cosmetic Center in Broward County, which specializes in cosmetic surgery procedures such as breast implants, hair removal, and botox. Bird reportedly worked at the center as a dermatological surgeon and anaesthesiologist.

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