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Yorday Millan Bermudez and Luis Yoan Garay-Martinez of Miami, Florida Arrested for Trafficking Counterfeit Credit Cards

Luis Yoan Garay-Martinez and Yorday Millan Bemudez of Miami, Florida were arrested last Wednesday after allegedly trying to board a flight to Chicago with 186 fraudulent gift cards. Airport security detained the two men and handed them over to Broward Sheriff’s Office. Bermudez and Garay-Martinez were released last Thursday on $6,000 bond each. It is unclear whether the two men have sought legal representation.

According to the arrest report, Garay-Martinez, 26, and Bermudez, 32, were pulled off a Spirit Airlines flight at Broward’s main airport after security agents noticed a large number of credit cards in their checked luggage. Deputies from Broward Sheriff’s Office arrested the two men and took them in for questioning.

In the luggage, investigators found 83 Walmart and 103 Vanilla gift cards, sources say. Law enforcement is still investigating how many of the Vanilla cards were activated. Stolen credit card numbers were encoded in the magnetic strips on the Walmart cards, sources indicate.

When questioned by detectives about the cards, Garay-Martinez denied knowing anything about them, even though he had a baggage claim ticket for the baggage. The bag also allegedly had his name on it.

Detectives also claim to have found several gift cards in the wallets of the two men, but none of the cards appeared to have been used. Bermudez and Garay-Martinez were charged with possessing the personal ID of five other people and trafficking in counterfeit credit cards.

News reports state that JP Morgan Chase indicated some of the real owners of the stolen credit card numbers lived in Indiana, but no fraud had been reported yet.

Source: 3.18.16 Bermudez, Garay-Martinez Credit Card Fraud.pdf