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Yaleniee Martinez of Hialeah, Florida Attacked by Pit Bull

Yaleniee Martinez of Hialeah, Florida was attacked by a pit bull as she walked her dog near her home yesterday, reports indicate. Martinez, 19, sustained bite wounds to her face, hands, and thigh during the attack, though thankfully her wounds were not life threatening. She was taken to the Palmetto General Hospital for treatment. The pit bull responsible for the attack is currently in the care of Animal Control. Police have not yet identified the owner, who may face a fine for possessing an animal that is banned by the Miami-Dade County. It is not yet known whether Martinez plans on pursing legal action against the owner of the dog.

Reports say that Miami-Dade County chose to bar pit bull ownership in 1989, citing the breed’s history of lethal attacks on humans. Last month, voters had the option to annul that regulation, but instead chose to keep it active. Miami is only one of a few cities in the U.S. to restrict ownership of pit bulls; other examples include Denver, Colorado and Malden, Massachusetts.

This recent incident occurred at around 9:00 Sunday evening as the victim, Martinez, was walking her pet Chihuahua outside of her home at 1298 West 51St Place, sources say. Martinez later said that as she walked, the pit bull emerged from a nearby home – presumably belonging to its owner – and began running after her. Martinez attempted to flee, but the pit bull was too fast and was able to corner her against a nearby car. The animal then bit Martinez’s face, hand, and torso. Her Chihuahua sustained a bite wound to its tail but survived the confrontation.

Reports did not indicate how the attack ended, but the pit bull is now in the hands of authorities and Martinez and her dog are recovering from their injuries. The Miami-Dade Animal services says it is checking the pit bull for rabies, though it shows no signs of being infected. The dog will remain in their custody for five days and will be euthanized if it is not claimed during that time, reports say. The owner may be subject to a fine for owning a restricted animal and allowing it to run outdoors without restraints, sources indicate. It is not clear whether the owner will also be subject to criminal charges.

Of course, most injuries and deaths in the dews are due to traffic accidents, not dog attacks. In tragic news out of Pensacola, Florida, one teen was killed and another injured when Ty Brewton, a Pensacola sheriff’s deputy, collided with the teens as they walked down the Mobile Highway on Monday, reports say. Aaliyah Howard, 15, was pronounced dead at the scene. Her friend, Louise Johnson, 16, sustained only minor injuries. Brewton, 41, did not face charges, though the FHP is still investigating the crash. He has also been temporarily suspended from the department as the investigation continues.

Reports say the accident occurred around 12:00 Monday afternoon. Howard and Johnson were heading west down the Mobile Highway when Brewton approached from the rear in a police-issued Chevrolet Tahoe. Brewton did not notice the two teens until he was too close to avoid hitting them, reports indicate. His vehicle ended up striking the girls underneath the New Warrington Road overpass. Howard took the brunt of the collision and ended up flying through the air onto a nearby median. The truck’s mirror swiped Johnson’s arm, but she was not hit as badly as her companion.

Following the accident, Brewton stopped his vehicle immediately and went to the teens’ aid. Medical respondents pronounced Howard dead upon their arrival and rushed Johnson to the Sacred Heart Hospital. The police department says they have placed Brewton on temporary paid suspension while the FHP investigates the accident. It is unclear if speed or neglect to obey the rules of the road by either Brewton or the teens played a role in the accident.

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