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William Harvey Ferguson of Tamarac, Florida Crashes into Family Dollar

William Harvey Ferguson of Tamarac, Florida allegedly accelerated forward by mistake and crashed through the front of a Family Dollar store on Monday, news sources report. Ferguson, 86, was cited for failure to maintain control of his vehicle and careless driving. Reports say that neither Ferguson nor anyone in the store was injured in the crash.

According to the press, the incident occurred Monday at a Family Dollar store on West Commercial Boulevard in Tamarac. Ferguson had just finished shopping at the store and was about to drive away in his Volkswagen when he accidentally put his car into drive instead of reverse. Ferguson accelerated forward and crashed through the glass storefront of the shop, reports say.

Ferguson and the store’s occupants were uninjured in the crash. There was an employee standing in the location where Ferguson crashed, but the employee was able to get out of the way, sources say. However, authorities said the store would stay closed until “appropriate measures are taken to assure safety.” After an investigation, Tamarac police said they intended to cite Ferguson for the crash.

Collisions with buildings are actually fairly common. In a similar accident earlier this year, Xiomara Martinez, a Miami, Florida daycare owner, drove into her daycare after she allegedly stepped on the accelerator instead of the brake, reports say. The nine children inside the daycare, fortunately, were not injured in the crash. Martinez was taken to the hospital with unspecified injuries. It is unclear whether a citation was filed.

According to reports, the accident occurred around 9:00 Tuesday morning in the parking lot of Olga’s Pre-School & Day Care off Southwest 107th Avenue. Martinez was in the parking lot outside of the daycare when another driver honked at her for an unspecified reason, sources say. Startled, Martinez mistakenly pressed down on her gas pedal instead of the brake, sources say. Her vehicle accelerated into the front of the daycare.

Reports say there were nine children in the daycare at the time of the accident, but all walked away unscathed. “[The crash] sounded like an explosion,” a witness from a neighboring business said. The witness rushed to the scene following the collision. “At first, I couldn’t see anything because everything was covered in a white cloud of smoke.” The witness then checked on the children. “They looked scared,” he said. “They were crying, all of them.”

Reports say the witness took the children to nearby shop. “The first thing we did was put the Nickelodeon Channel on and [the children] were there watching it,” he said. “They were crying because they were shock of what happened but other than that, they were good.”

Martinez was taken to the hospital, but an update on her condition was not immediately available. It is unclear how the accident affected the overall operations of her daycare. “After everything got cleared up and I saw the car all the way in there, it’s surprising that no one was injured,” the witness who tended to the children said.

Sources: 6.11.13 Ferguson Storefront Collision.pdf, 6.12.13 Martinez Daycare Collision.pdf.

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