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William Crowther of Melbourne, Florida Arrested on DUI Charges

William Crowther of Melbourne, Florida was arrested on Wednesday morning after eyewitnesses and police officers accused him of crashing into two parked cars and an apartment building, then proceeding to run away. Crowther, 40, is facing charges of driving under the influence, leaving the scene of an accident, driving with a suspended license, and fleeing from police. It is unknown what jail Crowther was booked into or whether a bail bond amount was set for him. It is also unclear whether Crowther has retained a private criminal defense lawyer.

News sources say that an anonymous witness called police at around 5 A.M. Wednesday morning after to report hearing an accident outside of his San Juan Village apartment. The witness told police that he had gone outside after hearing the crash, only to discover that the vehicle had crashed into a parked car with so much force that the second vehicle was hurled over a curb and into the staircase of the apartment building. Sources report that vehicle then backed up and crashed into another parked vehicle before speeding away from the scene.

Sources indicated that the police were able to catch up to Crowther, who was allegedly driving away from the accident site in his badly damaged vehicle. According to reports, Crowther refused to stop for police, so officers were forced to disable his vehicle by blowing out his tires with stop sticks. The make and model of Crowther’s vehicle were not mentioned, and it remains unclear what types of damage it sustained.

When officers spoke to Crowther, he allegedly exhibited signs of intoxication. However, he refused to submit to a sobriety test. What’s more, news reports have claimed that Crowther was driving on a suspended license and has been arrested previously for that same offense.

The extent of the property damage purportedly caused by Crowther has not been released to the public. It is not clear whether any of the property owners plan on suing Crowther for damages.

In related news, Eric Gene Blevins of Gainesville, Florida was arrested on Thursday, July 27, after police accused him of hitting a pole at a gas station, then striking a pickup truck parked at a home nearby. Blevins, 43, is facing two counts of DUI including damage and two counts of leaving the scene of an accident. It is not clear what jail Blevins was booked into or whether a bail bond amount was set. It is also not yet known whether Blevins has retained legal representation.

News sources say that the first accident occurred early Thursday morning. A Kangaroo station clerk on Williston Road called police to report that a gold Lexus that had just run into one of the stations poles, then fled the scene. Sources say that a short time later, another accident was reported at 3704 SW 56th Road. According to reports, a homeowner claimed that a gold Lexus had driven through his yard and crashed into his truck.

Alachua County sheriff’s deputies located the Lexus, which purportedly showed damage from the accidents, parked in a nearby street. Reports say that Blevins was found outside of the vehicle with the keys to the Lexus in his pocket. Police say that Blevins appeared to be drunk and did not perform well on a field sobriety test. He later allegedly registered a .186 and a .190 on a Breathalyzer test, which is above the legal standard of .08 in Florida. Blevins apparently denied having been involved in the crashes, but admitted that he had went to the Kangaroo station to buy a soda. He also admitted to consuming alcohol before driving, sources say.

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