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Wilfred Walcott, Natila Donalds, Oden Dawkins, Juan Galloeos Injured in Belle Glade, Florida Collision

Wilfred Walcott, Natila Aliser Donalds, Oden Oneil Dawkins, Juan Miguel Galloeos, and Narcizo Jeminez Mejia were involved in a Belle Glade, Florida accident when Walcott drove through a red light and crashed into another vehicle, news sources indicate. Natila Donalds, 31, Oden Dawkins, 4, and an 18-month-old boy were all passengers in Walcott’s vehicle at the time of the accident; Walcott and the 18-month-old boy were taken to the St. Mary’s Medical Center with serious injuries following the crash. Juan Miguel Galloeos, 28, was identified as the driver of the other vehicle. He was accompanied by 34-year-old Narcizo Jeminez Mejia, who was not injured. An investigation into the accident is ongoing. So far, no criminal charges have been filed.

Reports say the accident occurred at around 3:30 Sunday morning along State Road 715 in Belle Glade. Walcott was behind the wheel of his 2001 Toyota Camry heading west along Southwest Avenue H when he reached a red light at the intersection of State Road 715. According to reports, Walcott failed to stop at the red light and moved into the intersection, which is when Galloeos drove through a green light in his 2003 Cadillac. A collision ensued.

Paramedics arrived on the scene shortly after and air-rushed Walcott and his 18-month-old passenger to St. Mary’s Medical Center. Donalds also sustained serious injuries, while 4-year-old Dawkins sustained minor injuries. It is unclear whether either was treated. Reports did not mention how Walcott knows his passengers or whether he is related to them.

Reports did not say whether Galloeos, the other driver, was injured in the wreck. His passenger, Mejia, was not hurt. An investigation into the accident is ongoing. It is not yet clear why Walcott allegedly failed to stop at the light; reports did not specify whether the FHP suspects the involvement of drugs, alcohol, or a medical emergency.

In other accident-related news, motorcyclist David Levin was injured Monday in a Wellington, Florida accident when he swerved to miss a trailer at an intersection, reports indicate. Levin, 56, sustained serious injuries in the wreck and was taken to the Delray Medical Center for treatment. The driver towing the trailer was identified as James Rhea Kidd, 70, of suburban Lake Worth. Neither he nor Kyle James Kidd, his 16-year-old passenger, was injured in the crash.

Reports say the accident occurred around 5:30 Monday evening at the intersection of Lake Worth Road and Nassau Road. Kidd was turning his 2006 Ford F-350 with a trailer in tow across the intersection. Levin, who was traveling quickly down Lake Worth Road, had to swerve to miss the trailer as he entered the intersection. Reports say he lost control of his bike and slid into the trailer’s back corner.

Paramedics arrived on the scene and rushed Levin to the Delray Medical Center, where he received treatment for critical injuries. An investigation into the accident is ongoing; so far, reports suggest that speed may have contributed to the accident. It is not clear how fast Levin was going just before the crash.

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