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West Palm Beach, Florida Crash Starts Fire at Assisted Living Facility

A West Palm Beach, Florida car crash today started a fire at a residence where numerous disabled persons live, sources say. News reports did not specify who operates the assisted living facility, which appears to be located inside of a home. The owners and residents of the home were not immediately available for comment. At least four disabled persons live at the facility.

The crash reportedly occurred just before 5:40 a.m. this morning in front of the residence, located in the 1500 block of 45th Street in West Palm Beach. A car of unspecified make and model was traveling along the road when, for unknown reasons, it crashed into a parked pickup truck. The car was reportedly carrying two adults and an infant at the time of the crash. The occupants of the vehicle have not been publicly identified.

The truck burst into flames immediately following the crash, reportedly due to a ruptured gas tank. The fire rose about 30 feet it was quenched by local firefighters, sources say. Although the home itself did not catch fire, the foliage directly outside of the home reportedly did, filling the home with smoke and causing some damage. Four wheelchair-bound residents had to be removed from the home by firefighters, but at this time it does not appear as though any of them were injured. Emergency response teams shut down eastbound lanes of 45th Street in the immediate vicinity of the crash, reports state.

The car’s occupants reportedly declined medical treatment following the accident. It is still unclear what caused the driver of the car to crash into the truck. At this time, it does not appear as though charges have been filed. It remains to be seen whether the owners of the assisted living facility decide to file for damages.

Meanwhile, local news was abuzz when three Fort Lauderdale police officers on trial for lying about a criminal car chase have been acquitted, sources say. Geoffrey Shaffer, Matthew Moceri, and.Michael Florenco have officially been cleared of all wrongdoing in the 2009 incident. The three should now be able to be reinstated to their positions with the Fort Lauderdale police department.

Sources state that the verdict was pronounced by a judge after a jury failed to come to a decision. Detectives Geoffrey Shaffer and Matthew Moceri were cleared of charges of official misconduct by a jury on Tuesday, but the jury was left at a standstill on charges of falsifying reports. The jury was also at a deadlock when it came to Sgt. Michael Florenco’s charges. The trio were cleared of all charges by a judge on Wednesday.

The charges stem back to a 2009 incident involving Kenneth Post, a defendant accused of stealing from the Tiki Bar at the Hilton Marina in Fort Lauderdale. The robbery resulted in a police chase, during which the three charged officers followed Post in an unmarked police vehicle. The front of the unmarked car was damaged in the chase, and the three officers reportedly claimed that Post was responsible for the damage. Further investigation, however, purportedly determined that Post had not smashed the front of the car. It is not clear from reports what actually occurred.

Sources: 2.15 PB Fire Crash.pdf, 2.15.13 Acquitted Officers.pdf.

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