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West Hollywood, Florida Private School Building Damaged by Alleged Hit-and-Run

A West Hollywood, Florida private school building was damaged by an alleged hit-and-run driver on Wednesday, news sources report. Although the damage appears to have been caused by a car, police have not located the driver or the hit-and-run vehicle. An investigation is ongoing. It is unclear whether charges or a lawsuit will be filed.

According to reports, the incident occurred at West Hollywood Private School on South 62nd Avenue in Hollywood. The school is located on a large campus with its own outdoor pool. Thus far, officials from the school have not publicly commented on the incident.

On Wednesday morning, a school employee pulled into the school’s parking lot and noticed severe damage to the front of the school, reports say. The employee notified authorities, and police responded to the scene and looked over the damages, sources say. No one appears to have been in the building at the time of the crash, which could have occurred late Tuesday or early Wednesday morning.

Based on reports, the collision destroyed part of a brick wall and damaged an air conditioning unit mounted in a nearby window. While the damages left the building partially open, nothing appeared to have been stolen from within, reports say. It was not immediately clear whether the damages jeopardized the buildings integrity, nor is it known what the cost of the damages incurred are.

Oftentimes, when a vehicle collided with another vehicle or a stationary object, parts of that car are torn off and left at the scene, such as mirrors, broken headlights, or even paint chips. Investigators use these leftover debris to identify the make and model of the car involved in the crash. Once identified, police are able to track the car down with some success. It is not clear whether any remnants of the car were located at the scene of the accident.

In a similar accident earlier this month, William Harvey Ferguson of Tamarac reportedly put his car in drive rather than reverse and crashed through the front of a Family Dollar store, reports say. Ferguson, 86, was cited for careless driving and failure to maintain control of his vehicle. No one appears to have been injured in the accidental crash.

According to reports, the accident happened on a Monday at a Family Dollar store on West Commercial Boulevard in Tamarac. Ferguson returned to his vehicle after shopping at the store and was preparing to drive away, sources say. However, Ferguson reportedly shifted his Volkswagen into drive instead of reverse by accident, pushed on the gas, and accelerated into the store.

The collision shattered gas and damaged the storefront, reports say. An employee who was near the front of the store narrowly dodged the oncoming car, reports say. Thankfully, no one was injured in the crash. The store closed down and remained closed until “appropriate measures are taken to assure safety,” reports said. Meanwhile, police conducted an investigation and decided to cite Ferguson for crashing into the building. The crash appears to have been a result of simple human error.

Source: 8.7.13 Hollywood Private School.pdf

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