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Victor Aguiar, Oscar Cristo Gomez, and Shawn Gruber Involved in Lake Worth, Florida Collision

Victor Aguiar, Oscar Cristo Gomez, and Shawn Gruber were involved in a Lake Worth, Florida collision on Saturday, news sources report. The car accident occurred as Aguiar, Gomez, and Rodriguez were moving a disabled vehicle across a street at night. Aguiar, a 56-year-old Homestead resident, died at the scene, while Gomez, a 28-year-old from Lake Worth, sustained critical injuries. Michael Gomez Rodriguez, 16, was also involved in the accident, but did not sustain injury. Police are currently conducting an investigation to collect the details of the crash. It is currently unclear whether charges will be filed. It also remains to be seen whether a suit will ensue.

According to reports, the accident occurred at around 1:45 Saturday morning on Haverhill Road, just west of Lake Worth. Aguiar, Gomez, and Rodriguez were attempting to move a broken 2004 Dodge Magnum from the southbound lanes of Haverhill Road to the side of the northbound lane next to Biscayne Drive. It is currently unclear what caused the vehicle to break down; however, sources say the car had no working lights or reflective markers when the accident occurred. Aguiar and Gomez were pushing the Magnum from the back and Rodriguez was in the driver’s seat, steering.

As the men were moving the car across the road, Gruber approached from the rear. The press says Gruber sneezed moments before the collision. When Gruber opened his eyes, he saw the victims and the Magnum. Gruber attempted to swerve to avoid the collision, but it was too late. Reports say he collided with the back of the Magnum, pinning Aguiar and Gomez.

Aguiar reportedly died immediately at the scene. Gomez sustained critical injuries and was taken to a nearby hospital for emergency treatment; an update on his condition was not immediately available. Gruber and Rodriguez do not appear to have sustained injuries.

In other news, a Miami-Dade bicyclist was killed in a hit-and-run accident on Sunday, press reports say. The accident occurred when a SUV struck the bicyclist, dragged him nearly 50 feet, and fled the scene. Information regarding the victim’s identity was not immediately available, though reports say he was an adult. Police are still searching for the hit-and-run driver; the vehicle may be a recent model Dodge Durango, sources say.

According to reports, the accident occurred around before sunrise Sunday on Northwest 151st Street in North Miami-Dade. Witnesses purportedly saw the bicyclist heading east on the edge of the southbound lanes. An SUV struck the victim and dragged him nearly 50 feet, witnesses say. The driver allegedly stopped twice and maneuvered his or her vehicle in an effort to free the bicyclist from the SUV.

Once the victim fell free from the SUV, the driver allegedly fled the scene towards Biscayne River Drive. The victim reportedly died at the scene from his injuries. The victim’s identity is being withheld until police have located his next of kin. It remains to be seen whether the hit-and-run driver will be identified and if loved ones of the deceased will pursue legal action.

Sources: 4.27.13 Lake Worth Collision.pdf, 4.27.13 Miami-Dade Hit-and-Run.pdf.

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