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Velma Kimmel of Deerfield Beach, Florida Pedestrian, Killed in Accident with Malvinas Miller-Jones

Velma Kimmel of Deerfield Beach, Florida was killed Saturday when she walked into the path of a vehicle driven by Malvinas Miller-Jones, news sources report. Kimmel, 71, sustained critical injuries and was taken to a nearby hospital, where she was pronounced dead. Police are currently conducting an investigation to determine the exact circumstances surrounding the tragedy. So far, Jones, 42, has not been charged with any wrongdoing.

According to reports, Kimmel was deaf and lived at the B’Nai B’rith Apartments, a senior citizen community in Deerfield Beach. Kimmel had moved to the community only a few years earlier. Friends of Kimmel say she has a daughter and a small Chihuahua that she often takes on walks.

Witness and friend, 73-year-old Margaret Doran, saw Kimmel sitting alone outside moments before the accident. “With her not being able to hear, a lot of people didn’t talk to her,” Doran said. “But we talked and you could easily read her lips.”

Sources say the accident occurred on West Hillsboro Boulevard, a six-lane expressway with a grassy median in its center. Kimmel reportedly attempted to cross the street at a point where there was no crosswalk. Kimmel reached the median, but was hit by Jones’s 2005 Cadillac SRX when she attempted to continue crossing the road. Reports say Jones had been attempting a left turn at the time of the crash.

Kimmel was taken to Broward Health North where, sadly, she was pronounced dead. Doran was saddened by the news of Kimmel’s death; she recalled playing bingo with Kimmel on many occasions and helping the deaf woman with her numbers. “She was a wonderful person,” Doran said. “She loved everybody and she loved her dog.”

Although car accidents are a leading cause of injury and death, some wounds are caused by more natural means. 11-year-old Kyle Kirkpatrick of Volusia County was bitten by a shark while swimming in the ocean in Ormond Beach on Monday, reports say. Kirkpatrick sustained a bite wound to his foot and received treatment at a nearby hospital.

Reports say the incident occurred near the Maverick Resort in Ormond Beach. Kirkpatrick was in the water with his dad when he noticed “a dark shadow of a shark” swimming near him. “I was trying to catch a wave and all of a sudden I felt something on my foot and it started hurting,” Kirkpatrick told reporters. “I turned behind me and I’m like what happened and then I see blood everywhere and my dad picks me up and brings me to shore.”

Luckily, an off-duty paramedic was in the area and was able to help treat the boy’s foot before more medical aid arrived. Kilpatrick was then taken to a nearby hospital for treatment. “He still has his foot, still has full function of it, it could have been much worse,” the boy’s father said.

According to reports, doctors said the bite was delivered by a young, possibly even a baby, shark. In any case, the attack hasn’t dissuaded Kirkpatrick. “I will go swimming again, but it’ll be kind of scary,” he said.

Sources: 5.28.13 Kimmel and Miller Collision.pdf, 5.28.13 Kirkpatrick Shark Bite.pdf.

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