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US to Open Embassy in Cuba; The Great Thaw Begins

As if June couldn’t be capable of even yet greater historic change in the United States! In an unbelievable shift in foreign policy for both nations, each has agreed to open embassies in the other.  A huge press conference is announced for 11:00am this morning from the Rose Garden of the White House.

What happens next will be one of the most unbelievable things we will see in our lifetime:  Cuba Rising!

We are about to witness a sea change of geo-politics and business.  The World’s greatest economy is about to add a new neighbor and business partner to its repertoire.  But Cuba is no regular partner – she is a neighbor.

Cuba is as close to America as Canadian and Mexican population centers.  In Florida, Cuban Americans are as much a part of American culture and society as Mexican Americans and Canadian Americans.

Bringing Cuba into the American economic fold is far more significant than just any other nation.  Cuba is our neighbor and she shares geographic and social proximity to us.  But what does this mean?

This means a massive shift in law and business.  This means new trade deals loom on the horizon.  This means we can get real Cuban cigars on Main Street and Cubans can drink Diet Coke while listening to Taylor Swift on iPhones.

The Legal Implications

It also means there is a new frontier in law.  One that will be full of import/export legal questions, contracts and breach of contracts, dispute resolution, people getting arrested, people getting injured… the list goes on and on.

Most importantly, we can only hope that with new relations, new economics, and new interactions, each nation’s culture will rub off on the other (no I am NOT referring to Communism for you haters out there).  The more America thats in Cuba, the more America that is in Cuba.

Culturally, we are a nation of laws. One of the most profound legal implications of normalized relations with Cuba may be the influence on Cuba of how we do things.  I say this only because our system for successful macro-economics works.  If you want American wealth, it pays to adopt an American system for doing business.  Anyone who is interested in this approach, will also be interested in our legal code and how we enter into agreement and resolve disagreement – in all of its varietals.

With time, with commerce, with interaction, with agreements and disagreements that are resolved using the rule of law –  America slowly, but surely creep its way into Cuban culture.  With time, I predict this will result in greater Civil Rights on the Communist island, greater freedoms, greater productivity, and more happiness.

Law and how it effects society will be the bloodline that Westernizes a nation that I believe will prove to be one of America’s greatest allies.

Personally, I can’t wait to try the mojitos…