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Roy McSweeney Dog Attack Victim in Gainesville, Florida (Legal Analysis)

As was reported in my last entry, Roy McSweeney was attacked in Gainseville, Florida by two vicious pitbulls. This entry is being published after more information has come to our attention about this case.

According to news reports, the pitbulls were living at a neighbors house and were supposedly locked in a kennel or cage while the owner was away from the home. Somehow, the pitbulls were able to escape from their cages, they jumped the fence, and attacked McSweeney as he did yardwork on his own property.Thumbnail image for Injury Lawyer Fort Lauderdale.jpg

The owner of the home told a local news agency that the pitbulls belonged to a friend. She also said she was not home at the time of the attack and has no idea how they dogs were able to escape from their kennel. (Photo credit: NYDailyNews)

Again, my purpose in writing this blog is to comment on this case from my perspective as an injury lawyer.

With that in mind, I can tell you this case sounds a lot more serious than I previously thought. First and foremost, Roy McSweeney may not survive his injuries. If this terrible outcome were to occur, this case would rapidly turn into a wrongful death matter.

If McSweeney were to die from his injuries, the neighbor would likely be held accountable.

Since those vicious pitbulls were in her care, custody and control, she had a duty to make sure they were properly secured and did not pose a threat to others.

Also, if the dogs really are owned by a friend, as she says, the friend may also be held liable. This important for injury lawyers because it gives them another person and valuable assets to sue. It may also make other insurance policies available for compensation claims.

McSweeney’s injuries and suffering are absolutely unacceptable and must be countered. What happened to him is wrong and could have been prevented.

I have to be honest, cases like these get under my skin. Roy McSweeney was not doing anything wrong when he was attacked. He is an older man and does not deserve this.

If you own a pitbull, or yet worse TWO pitbulls, YOU HAVE A DUTY TO LOCK THEM UP!

I am sick and tired of all this dog-owners rights garbage. We the public have a greater right to be safe and secure in our own homes. While pitbulls may be capable of loving their owners and making fun pets, they also have a very vicious killer instinct inside them.

There is little question that when pitbulls get aggressive, they get really violent and capable of causing serious bodily injury and even death.

Oh, and by the way… I’m a dog lover too. I don’t presently have a dog, but in my lifetime I have owned a total of 7 dogs. So don’t think I am not sympathetic to animal rights and pet owner rights, because I am.

Like an alligator, pitbulls do not make good pets because they have an innate vicious instinct that can be aroused and become very dangerous to others.

I hope Roy McSweeney survives his injuries and lives to fight for the justice he deserves. What happened to him is wrong and those who are responsible should be held accountable.

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