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UPDATE: Like I Said He Would… Magnum P.I. Settled.

Well that was quick. Two days ago we reported on Tom Selleck’s recent water debacle with the Calleguas Municipal Water District in Ventura County, California.  In a nutshell, it was alleged that a water truck siphoned off water from a municipal hydrant and then delivered the water to Selleck’s ranch and avocado farm located in Hidden Valley.  Private investigators working for the Calleguas Municipal Water District allegedly observed this activity on multiple occasions.

This was a problem because Selleck’s ranch is located in a different water district.  In light of California’s great drought, where residents are asked to cut back by as much as 25% of their water consumption, this mini-drama caused a very embarrassing snafu for the Hollywood star.

What made it so bad, was the alleged ignorance of cease and desist letters at a time when literally every drop of water is counted.  Ultimately, the Calleguas Municipal Water District filed a legal action in court.

As I predicted, Selleck has entered into a settlement with he Calleguas Municipal Water District.  The details of this settlement are not yet known, but I bet it includes two things: 1) Compensation for the water; and 2) An agreement to never do it again.

Once this matter goes to court, the judge will review the terms of the agreement and make a ruling that I expect will ultimately result in the case being dismissed.

As bad as this drama has made Tom Selleck look, kudos to him for handling this the right way and quickly.  We all mess up, but sometimes its how we handle our mess ups is what separates the men from the boys.  I am glad to see Magnum P.I. man up, yet again…

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