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Tyler Magoon and Jake Holmes of Key Largo, Florida Arrested for False Imprisonment

Tyler Magoon and Jake Holmes of Key Largo, Florida were arrested Thursday after they were accused of following two teenage girls home and scaring them with a mask, news sources report. Magoon, 20, was booked into the county jail on charges of wearing a mask while on someone else’s property and false imprisonment; Holmes was booked into custody on a charge of principle in the first degree to the crime of false imprisonment. It is unclear whether either of the defendants qualified for bail bond. Reports did not specify a lawyer for either of the defendants.

According to reports, the incident occurred on Monday. The two victims were walking home from a Key Largo park when they reportedly noticed two strange men, Magoon and Holmes, following them. One of the men was reportedly wearing what appeared to be a mask molded to look like an elderly man’s face. Scared, the victims began to run home.

Magoon and Holmes allegedly kept pace with the victims and followed them to their residence at the Port Largo Villa condominium complex. The victims sprinted up a set of stairs and Magoon, who was wearing the mask, reportedly followed closely. One of the victims opened her door, behind which her dog was waiting, and threatened to order the dog to attack Magoon. Reports say Magoon turned and left, removing his mask as he did; the victim was able to see his face before he left, sources indicate. The victim allegedly also saw Holmes, unmasked and laughing, at the bottom of the stairs.

The victims were not amused and called police. Detectives caught up with Magoon and Holmes and conducted a photo line-up in which the victim identified the two men, sources say. Both defendants were arrested Thursday, during which a mask was found in Holmes’s vehicle, reports say.

Magoon wasn’t the only Florida residents sporting a mask this past week. A suspect wearing an Iron Man mask allegedly robbed a Flagler County bank Thursday, reports say. The suspect fled the scene following the robbery and has thus far evaded arrest. Police are currently conducting an investigation and are asking for the public’s help in identifying the thief.

According to reports, the incident occurred at around 4:00 Thursday evening at a Wells Fargo Bank on Belle Terre Parkway. Around 10 people were in the bank when a man dressed in a tan jumpsuit and an Iron Man mask walked through the front doors. The masked suspect approached the teller, pointed a gun at her, and demanded that she put cash in his red and black backpack. Once the teller complied, the suspect fled the bank and escaped along the northbound lanes of Belle Terre Parkway in a maroon-colored compact car.

Detectives released a description of the suspect following the robbery. He is around five feet four inches tall with a slim build and has a Florida license plate number, reports state. Detectives have not said whether they have had any leads in the case thus far.

Sources: 6.22.13 Magoon and Holmes False Imprisonment.pdf, 6.22.13 Flagler County Masked Robbery.pdf.

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