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Two South Florida Girls Placed on House Arrest for Threatening to Shoot Up Schools

Two South Florida girls were ordered to serve 21 days of house arrest Friday after allegedly threatening to shoot up their school.

According to authorities, a 12-year-old girl who attends Nova Middle School was arrested Thursday after writing a note threatening to shoot up her school. Investigators said the student placed the note under the assistant principal’s office door.

“I will bring a GUN to school to kill all you ugly a- kids and teachers,” the note reportedly read. “I will bring the gun Feb. 16, 18. BE prepared.”

Surveillance footage from the school reportedly shows the student sliding the note under the door. She confessed when confronted by police and claimed that another student ordered her to write the note or she would get her friend to fight her. The student said the other girl didn’t like her because of a boy.

A 17-year-old girl from another school was also arrested on Thursday. The student, who attends Piper High School in Sunrise, was arrested after allegedly making threats against her school on social media.

The problem isn’t just in Florida. An arrest was reported in South Carolina Thursday, where a high school student was charged after posting a photo holding a gun warning of a “Florida pt 2.” The image went viral and fueled widespread anxiety stemming from the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School that killed 14 students and three faculty members.

According to Sgt. Mark Leone of Davie Police Department, the text on the image has been altered on social media to include the names of various schools in South Florida, such as J.P. Taravella High and Western High in Coral Springs.

“That picture keeps circulating and people keep calling. Somebody, in the midst of things, puts in text [like] ‘Western High’ and other kids keep getting it. There’s no way to stop it. This kid was arrested. It was a hoax. Parents keep getting it. My sister-in-law, she got it, and somebody said it was Taravella. We put on our Facebook not to call if you see this picture,” Leone told the press.

Authorities said several hoax threats have been made against South Florida schools. School officials have warned parents that there will be legal and disciplinary consequences for any student who initiates a threat.

“[Miami-Dade County Public Schools] is reminding the public and students that a written threat to kill or harm is a felony, will not be tolerated and perpetrators will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law,” said Miami-Dade County Public Schools spokeswoman Daisy Gonzalez-Diego in a statement Friday. “As a district, we will continue to emphasize the important of responsible social media use.”

Miami-Dade Schools Police Chief Ian Moffet told the press that the department usually receives around one threat a week, but after the mass shooting Wednesday, the number of threats has gone up to more than 50 a day.

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