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Trevor C. Allen, Pompano Beach, Florida Middle School Employee, Facing Misconduct Allegations

Trevor C. Allen, a Pompano Beach, Florida middle school employee, is facing misconduct allegations after he was accused of physically restraining two students at Crystal Lake Middle School, news sources indicate. Both victims were 12-year-old female students. Allen has been suspended from his position at the school following the allegations. An investigation by the Broward County Sheriff’s Department and the Department of Children and Families is ongoing. So far, no legal charges have been pressed. It is unclear whether Allen has hired a lawyer.

Reports say Allen works for Crystal Lake Middle School as a security authority. He has been working for the Broward County school district for nearly 10 years, records indicate. Sources were unable to specify whether Allen has a criminal record, though there is no indication that he has ever run into trouble at work before. Reports say that he earns approximately $36,000 working for the school, though is position is now in jeopardy due to the allegations.

The first incident involving alleged misconduct occurred on March 28, news sources indicate. Allen, on that occasion, allegedly confronted a 12-year-old student and engaged in physical scuffle with her. Reports say he pushed the child against a container and a fence before shoving her to the ground. The victim reportedly sustained some cuts and bruises during the altercation. A nearby surveillance camera captured the incident on tape, reports say. The girl’s father issued a statement following the incident, saying, “[Allen] beat up my daughter for no reason and no one will do anything about it.”

Allen released his own statement following the incident: “When I went to redirect [the victim] by placing my hand on her shoulder and asking her to follow me… she swung at me with a closed fist, striking me in my shoulder and the side of my head. At this point I had to restrain her for the safety of myself, herself, and others.” The school did not suspend Allen following that incident. It is unclear whether the school may have taken any other, less strict measures following the incident.

The next purported incident occurred several months later on October 25, reports say. Another 12-year-old student reportedly left her classroom without permission after she was told she could not take a bathroom break. When the student entered the hall, Allen allegedly confronted her and took hold of her before pinning her against a wall. It is unclear whether the student was being rowdy. Another teacher witnessed the alleged incident, reports say.

Officials with the Broward County Sheriff’s Office and the Department of Children and Families have launched an investigation into the allegations of misconduct. Officers have since interviewed both victims as part of their investigation, apparently without parental consent, and even took pictures of the victims. “We don’t know what’s going on,” one parent later told the press. “[My daughter] doesn’t know who [the investigators] are and they didn’t tell her. She is scared to death.”

A police spokesperson responded to the parent’s concerns, saying, “In general, police do not need parental consent to speak to a victim or a suspect, regardless of their age. But I don’t know what happened in this case, nor do I know if BSO was involved.”

It remains unclear whether Allen will face legal charges as the investigation moves forward. The school district could also face a possible lawsuit as part of the alleged abuse.

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