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Tosharra Mae Jones, St. Lucie County, Florida High School Student, Arrested for Battery

Tosharra Mae Jones, a St. Lucie County, Florida high school student, was arrested Monday after she was accused of attacking another student on school campus, news sources indicate. Jones, 18, was booked into the St. Lucie County Jail on charges of battery and disruption of an education process. Her bail bond was set at $5,000. It is not yet known whether Jones has retained a private criminal defense attorney.

Reports say the incident occurred at the St. Lucie West Centennial High School located off South West Cashmere Boulevard in Port Saint Lucie, at around noon while Jones and her classmates were eating lunch. Jones purportedly approached another girl and asked her why she was “talking trash” about her, reports say. The girl reportedly denied slandering Jones and a physical altercation ensued. Reports did not name the victim or specify what injuries she might have sustained during the alleged fight. She does not appear to have been charge with any criminal offenses. The girl later told police she had no interest in fighting Jones, sources say.

After Jones’s arrest, police learned from a witness that Jones had purportedly sent a threatening message prior to Monday’s fight, reports say. The message allegedly indicated Jones’s intent, saying the other student “was going to get it in school.” Police say the message also “included profanity, and did not appear to convey a peaceful message.” St. Lucie West Centennial does not appear to have made a statement regarding the arrest.

In other school-related news, a custodian at The Pine School in Stuart, Florida was escorted from the grounds and placed on administrative leave Monday after someone found an unauthorized video monitoring device in the girls changing room, news sources indicate. Police have not yet specified if the camera belonged to the custodian; he was ushered off campus for failing to report the device. He was left unidentified in reports.

The Pine School is an independent school that is divided into Lower (elementary) and Middle and Upper divisions. Reports say this recent incident occurred around 4:00 Monday night at the school’s elementary division when a group of schoolgirls uncovered a camera in their locker room’s ceiling. Sources say the children handed the device over to a custodian; however, when the students inquired about the said camera with the school’s supervisor, they learned that the custodian never reported the device.

The supervisor brought the issue up with the custodian and he purportedly turned the camera over to her. Because he had not reported the device to the supervisor right away, the custodian was ushered off campus and put on administrative leaves, reports say.

The school sent an email out Tuesday informing parents about the incident. The facility took additional action and swept the other locker rooms and bathrooms on all their campuses for any more video cameras. They did not find any, sources say. The school says it is also ready to counsel any student whom the incident may have affected.

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