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Timothy Donohue, Davie, Florida Police Officer Arrested for Child Abuse

Timothy Donohue, a Davie, Florida police officer, was arrested Wednesday after he was accused of physically assaulting his two children, news sources indicate. Donohue, 46, was booked into jail on two counts of battery and two counts of child abuse infliction of physical or mental injury. He was later released on a $5,000 bail bond. It is not yet known whether he has hired a lawyer.

Reports say Donohue works for the Davie Police Department, though he may be suspended from duty or assigned desk work until trial. It is unclear how long he has worked for the department. It is not yet known whether the department made a statement regarding Donohue’s arrest.

According to reports, the alleged incident occurred Wednesday at Donohue’s home. The man’s two daughters reportedly left a book bag, a Bible, and some documents on a countertop outside of the kitchen. Donohue, displeased with the mess, allegedly swept the items onto the floor and instructed the two teenage girls to clean up. One of the teen girls then allegedly told the man that he would go to hell for throwing the Bible to the ground. Donohue then replied, “shut up or I’m going to knock your teeth down your throat,” reports say. The man then hit one of the young girls and shoved the other a number of times, reports say.

The victims left the home and reported the abuse to the police. It is not clear whether either of them sustained injury in the altercation. It is not clear who has custody of them while Donohue is in jail; reports do not specify whether Donohue is married or has joint custody with the girls’ mother. Donohue does not appear to have commented publicly on the incident.

In other news, police in Jupiter, Florida say they have detained 13 illegal immigrants who arrived on Florida’s shore on Sunday, reports indicate. The immigrants traveled via boat and landed ashore near Ocean Way in Jupiter. Those arrested were not identified in reports; they purportedly came found countries such as Colombia, Haiti, the Bahamas, and Brazil. Sources say they were handed over to the United State Border Patrol following their arrest.

According to reports, the incident occurred around 9:00 Sunday night near the 200 block of AIA when a 22-foot vessel carrying as many as 13 illegal immigrants made port near the Bluffs and Ocean ways. Police reportedly watched as five of the immigrants climbed into an automobile and left the scene. The officers then pursued and stopped the vehicle. The officers ended up detaining the five immigrants; it is unclear whether anyone else in the vehicle was arrested.

Police then searched the beach surrounding the area and located the remaining eight immigrants who were hiding in brush and trees along the beach. After detaining the immigrants, the officers seized the ship and the automobile used by the immigrants. Afterwards, the officers turned the immigrants over to the United States Border Patrol, news sources indicate. They will likely be deported back to their native countries.

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