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Taylor Harrison of Stuart, Florida Arrested for Aggravated Battery

Taylor Harrison of Stuart, Florida was arrested Sunday after he was accused of beating up a friend, leaving him with numerous facial injuries, news sources report. Harrison, 21, was booked into the Monroe County Jail on charges of aggravated battery. It is unclear whether he qualified for bail. The press did not indicate an attorney for Harrison. It is unclear whether the victim, also 21, will file for damages.

Reports say Stuart, the victim, and a number of other friends were all staying together in a room at the Holiday In Express in the Florida Keys. Harrison reportedly got a bed in the room, while the victim slept on the floor nearby. The victim and the other occupants of the room were not identified in reports. It is unclear what the group was in town for.

Harrison and the victim apparently got into a fight on Sunday while trying to sleep. The victim asked for some bedding, sparking the argument, sources say. Further information on what caused the fight is not available. The victim apparently sustained a broken eye socket and bloody eye; he also had several teeth knocked out, sources say. It is not clear whether Harrison was injured.

An officer responded to the hotel and located the victim standing outside of the room, sources say. The victim was purportedly bleeding around his eye had missing a number of teeth. The officer went inside the hotel room and discovered the victim’s missing teeth on the nightstand. The officer spoke with the victim and the companions inside the room. The witnesses told the officer about the fight, sources say. Harrison was later arrested.

Battery, from aggravated to sexual, is one of the most common crimes throughout the U.S. Earlier this week, senior Plant City resident Steve Orville Clemons was arrested after he allegedly went through a McDonald’s drive-thru undressed from the waist down and attempted to make a McDonald’s employee touch his groin, sources report. Clemons, 69, was booked into the Sumter County Jail on charges of battery. A judge set his bail at $500.

According to reports, the incident occurred at a Wildwood McDonalds. With no pants on, Clemons allegedly visited the eatery and went through the drive-thru. When he pulled up to the window to pay, the employee handed Clemons his change and realized the customer was not wearing pants, sources allege. Clemons was also allegedly touching his privates.

When the employee gave Clemons his change, Clemons purportedly seized her hand and tried to draw it to his groin. The employee freed herself and shut the drive-thru window. Clemons left the scene while the victim called the police.

Responding officers found Clemons in his car at a gas station near the McDonalds just minutes later, sources say. When officers approached him, they noticed Clemons was undressed from the waist down, with his shirt covering his groin. Clemons was then arrested. It is not clear whether he admitted to the allegedly illicit act or whether there were any additional witnesses. It is also unclear whether a surveillance camera captured the incident.

Sources: 10.6.13 Harrison Aggravated Battery.pdf, 10.7.13 Clemons Battery.pdf.

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