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I can almost hear the moans coming from the State Attorney’s Office this week.  Poor guys, can even a week go by without another bombshell motion being filed in the Peraza case?

Last week we learned Jermaine McBean, the man who sadly lost his life in this case, suffered from some very serious mental health problems that explain why he would walk down the street with a rifle, freaking everyone out, and then point the gun at police.

This week was even worse – we learned that Deputy Peraza has actually been immune from prosecution the entire time. No, not because he wears a badge, but because his case presents a textbook example of Stand Your Ground immunity under Florida law.

Earlier this week, Deputy Peraza’s attorney, Eric Schwartzreich, filed a Motion to Dismiss citing immunity from prosecution in accordance with Florida’s Stand Your Ground laws. The motion is public record and is available on the Broward Clerk’s website. You can also read it here: Motion to Dismiss (Stand Your Ground)

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I am so utterly disgusted with the prosecution of this case.  If you thought Deputy Peraza was innocent before, wait until you hear about the Motion to Compel Mental Health Records filed by his attorney, Eric Schwartzreich, yesterday.  It is public record and you can read it for yourself from the Clerk’s website, just like I did.

According to the motion, Jermaine McBean, the man who unfortunately lost his life in this incident, was suffering from a major mental health breakdown on the day of the shooting. In fact, family members told the New York Times and NBC News that McBean had a history for mental illness and was hospitalized a few days before the shooting because he stopped taking his medication.

The motion also describes McBean’s mental breakdown at work SIX DAYS before the shooting. During this work event, paramedics were called out and McBean was taken to the hospital for emergency psychiatric treatment.

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