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bills-cash-collection-47344-300x212Former Illinois police chief Michael Newsome, who has been charged with the theft of over $200,000 in civil asset forfeiture funds, has waived his right to jury trial. Newsome was first arrested in 2012 and has been out on bond ever since.

Newsome has been charged with seven felonies. The charges include the theft of over $100,000 in government property, official misconduct, and the misappropriation of funds. The thefts are alleged to have occurred between 2007 and 2012.
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In 2014, law enforcement seized Petra Henderson’s Harley-Davidson because her husband was driving it while intoxicated and with a suspended license. Petra has spent the last four years attempting to get her bike back. Last week, the Illinois Supreme Court upheld the original seizure of the bike.

On April 26, 2014, Petra and her husband, Mark, went on a bar crawl near their home in Robinson, Crawford County. Petra was the designated driver, and they took her Harley-Davidson trike. She had bought the trike in 2010 for $35,000 and was still paying it off in 2014.
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