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On November 14, 2016, Herbert Smith was supposed to start a new job in construction after passing a drug test. Instead, a police SWAT team went to his home and took him into custody for a burglary that allegedly took place at the end of September.

Smith became famous last year when a Broward judge sentenced him to 60 years in prison for violating his probation by driving with a suspended license. That sentence was ultimately mitigated to probation and the judge was later voted out of office.

As Smith’s criminal defense attorney, I am proud to announce that he will be home for Thanksgiving!

Due to a lack of evidence, all charges have been dropped by prosecutors and the violation of probation has been dismissed by a judge.

Hopefully Smith will use this experience to positively reinforce the need to live a good life, stay out of trouble, and focus on the things that matter most – work, family, health, and happiness. Prosecutors should also be commended for performing an honest evaluation of the evidence and for doing the right thing under the law.

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