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A man and a woman were arrested on August 19th, 2019 in Ballard County, Kentucky after a traffic stop. Authorities from Cape Girardeau reported that the man, Antonio Johnson, and the woman, Kenitta Pittman were traveling at high speed. It isn’t known if they have hired a lawyer yet.

Both of the accused belong to the Cape Girardeau area. Their vehicle was approached by authorities paroling over Highway 286. 

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car-1531273_1920-300x200Almost two and a half years after they seized $627,000 in a traffic stop, Missouri law enforcement has agreed to return approximately two-thirds of the cash to Lu Li, who claimed the money.

As I reported last year, on January 10, 2017, police pulled over Zhimin Peng when he was speeding while driving through Boone County in central Missouri. The man explained to police that he was on a road trip from Chicago to San Francisco with his friend, Ting Wei Huang. On inspecting the vehicle, police officers found $627,000 in cash in several duffle bags. The man said his friend who claimed the money had lent him the money to buy a house.
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bills-cash-collection-47344-300x212In the early hours of January 10, 2017, Zhimin Peng of Chicago was traveling through Boone County, Missouri when he was pulled over by Deputy Patrick Richardson. The man had been driving his rental car at 94 mph. Together with the driver in the car was Ting Wei Huang. They told the deputy that they were on a short break from college and were traveling from Chicago to San Francisco.

Missouri State Highway Patrol Trooper Matt Halford soon joined the deputy. The highway patrol trooper obtained permission to search the passenger’s possessions. When the patrol trooper opened a bag in the trunk, he saw it contained a large amount of cash. Another officer, Kevin Purdy of the Columbia Police Department arrived with his drug dog, Duncan; the dog alerted officers to the odor of narcotics in several bags in the trunk. The bags contained nearly $627,000 in cash.
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