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On November 14, 2016, Herbert Smith was supposed to start a new job in construction after passing a drug test. Instead, a police SWAT team went to his home and took him into custody for a burglary that allegedly took place at the end of September.

Smith became famous last year when a Broward judge sentenced him to 60 years in prison for violating his probation by driving with a suspended license. That sentence was ultimately mitigated to probation and the judge was later voted out of office.

As Smith’s criminal defense attorney, I am proud to announce that he will be home for Thanksgiving!

Due to a lack of evidence, all charges have been dropped by prosecutors and the violation of probation has been dismissed by a judge.

Hopefully Smith will use this experience to positively reinforce the need to live a good life, stay out of trouble, and focus on the things that matter most – work, family, health, and happiness. Prosecutors should also be commended for performing an honest evaluation of the evidence and for doing the right thing under the law.

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Arthur Knochenhauer of Fort Lauderdale, Florida killed by an SUV while running in the Michelob Ultra Half Marathon on Sunday morning. The accident occurred along the 1700 block of Las Olas Boulevard near the Floridian Restaurant. Authorities announced that Knochenhauer, 80, died on Monday.

How a runner was killed in the middle of giant marathon is beyond me!

With the cones, police, hoardes of runners, and signs everywhere, it beguiles the mind how a driver could kill a runner – even by South Florida’s driving standards.

This man’s death should be a loud and clear siren to everyone in our community. It is time drivers in South Florida paid better attention, texted less, and drove with greater care. Maybe don’t drive with such an entitled attitude for once.

It is also time for our elected leaders to invest the money, time, and effort need to improve our infrastructure and make our roadways safer for pedestrians. It is time South Florida finally developed a culture of pedestrianism that mirrors that found in other major cities.

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