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Stanley R. Simms of Sunrise, Florida Charged with Possession of Child Pornography

Stanley R. Simms of Sunrise, Florida had a warrant issued for his arrest recently after he was accused of downloading child pornography, news sources report. Simms, 47, is also wanted for questioning regarding a sexual assault case. Reports say Simms has not yet been apprehended. It is unclear whether Simms has heard of the arrest warrant and, if so, whether he has hired a criminal defense lawyer.

According to reports, Simms was identified during an online investigation targeting child pornography users on a file sharing network. Reports say detectives discovered an internet protocol address that had downloaded an unspecified amount of child porn (an IP address functions as an identifier for Internet users and is unique to each internet subscriber).

Reports say detectives issued a subpoena to Comcast, an Internet service provider, for information regarding the IP address’s owner. Detectives then learned that the IP address was connected to Simms’s home in Sunrise, reports say. On June 7, detectives issued a federal arrest warrant against Simms. However, that same day, Simms was seen leaving his home on East Aragon Boulevard on foot and has not been seen since.

Sources say the Federal Bureau of Investigation is also searching for Simms regarding a sexual assault case in Broward County from December 2012. The details of that case are sketchy; however, sources say the anonymous victim may have been drugged during the assault. It is unclear what role Simms might have played in the case.

Reports say Simms may be driving a green and gray BMW or a purple pickup truck and is a regular at adult entertainment clubs in Broward, Palm Beach, and Miami-Dade Counties, according to the press. “We want to get him off the streets,” a police spokesperson said. “What we’re asking is that if there’s someone out there who has information on where he is, please call the FBI, call the local police. Don’t approach him yourself.” It is not known whether Simms has a criminal record.

While child pornography is a sexual form of child abuse, not all threats to children are of a lewd nature. Richard D. Rice of Naples was arrested this past week after he allegedly dumped gasoline onto the street near children lighting fireworks, then tipped a man’s wheelchair over, reports say. Rice, 72, was booked into police custody on charges of abuse of an elderly or disabled adult without great harm. He was later released after he posted a $10,000 bail bond. It is unclear whether Rice has obtained legal representation.

According to reports, the incident occurred on the Fourth of July holiday outside of Rice’s home in North Naples. Children had reportedly been setting off fireworks in the street outside of the home for a few hours, and the noise was making Rice’s dogs nervous. It is unclear whether Rice had asked the children to stop; however, at some point, he allegedly took a can of gasoline and poured it in the street where the kids had been lighting fireworks. Rice then warned the children that lighting any more fireworks would cause a fire.

A man in a wheelchair reportedly confronted Rice about the incident. Rice pushed the victim’s wheelchair over, sources indicate.

Sources: 7.9.13 Simms Child Porn.pdf, 7.9.13 Rice Battery.pdf.

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