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Stanley Gerard Pierre-Louis of Miami-Dade, Florida Involved in Car Accident

Stanley Gerard Pierre-Louis of Miami-Dade, Florida was taken into police custody after he lost control of his vehicle on Wednesday morning, reports indicate. Pierre-Louis, 24, has not been charged as of yet as investigators continue to determine the cause of the crash. It is not clear whether Pierre-Louis has retained a criminal defense lawyer, nor is it clear why he was taken into custody if he has not been charged with a crime.

According to news reports, the car accident occurred at approximately 6:00 a.m. on Wednesday, in the parking lot of Santa Fe Shopping Center, located in Northwest Miami-Dade near the intersection of Northwest 143rd Street and Northwest 7th Avenue. Pierre-Louis was apparently driving a Cadillac when he lost control of the vehicle for unknown reasons and crashed into five parked cars. It is not clear who owns the cars, nor is it clear what the financial damages of the accident were. Media reports do not indicate whether Pierre-Louis has a valid driver’s license or whether police suspect that alcohol may have been a factor in the crash.

Sources indicate that a woman who was sitting in one of the parked cars that Pierre-Louis struck was taken to Jackson Memorial Hospitals. Her injuries have been described as non-life threatening. No one else was hurt in the crash, reports indicate.

Jemil Slaughter, an area resident, reportedly told the press that the injured woman is his sister, 25-year-old Dominique Slaughter. He relayed to the media that she had been napping in the passenger seat of a green Honda Accord at the time of the crash, and that after the car was struck, she was “hysterical” but is now doing okay. It is not clear whether Slaughter plans to press charges regarding the incident.

Accidents of all kinds occur in Florida on a daily basis. One unusual but tragic on-the-job accident that just transpired caused the death of a 48-year-old Tampa resident. The man’s name has not been made public, as authorities are still working to inform family members of the death.

The man was reportedly killed while working for Logistec USA Inc., which is cooperating with the investigation. Logistec describes itself as a provider of “high quality, specialized cargo handling and other services to its marine and industrial customers” on its’ website. News reports indicate that another Logistec employee died on the job last year. it is not yet clear whether the recently deceased workers’ family members plan on filing wrongful death charges against the company, nor is it known whether any labor safety violations took place. A Port Manatee spokesperson purportedly told the media that the accident at hand may result in regulation changes for operational procedures at the port.

According to the press, the deadly accident occurred at 8:36 a.m. on Monday near a Port Manatee dock. The victim was reportedly working to unload heavy crates of bananas from a ship using heavy equipment. As the victim crossed a loading area, he was reportedly crushed under a 5,500 pound crane carrying bananas. It is not clear who was operating the crane at the time of the accident, although no criminal charges have yet been filed in response to the occurrence. The victim was evidently pronounced dead at the scene.

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