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Stacie Bennett of Boca Raton, Florida Arrested for Forging Prescription Cards

Stacie Bennett of Boca Raton, Florida was arrested Thursday after authorities accused her of forging a doctor’s signature to attain an illegal prescription refill, news sources indicate. Bennett, 44, was booked into the Palm Beach County Jail on multiple charges, including grand theft, using another person’s signature without consent, and possession of a fraudulent prescription. Her bail bond was set at $33,000. It is unclear whether Bennett has retained a private criminal defense lawyer.

Reports say that Bennett had been working a doctor’s office in Delray Beach prior to her arrest. It is not certain what type of tasks she was responsible for at the office; however, sources say she was let go following accusations that she stole blank prescription cards and other related documents from the office. The name of the doctor who owned the office was not specified in reports.

On Thursday, investigators were called to a Publix Pharmacy located off Yamato Road on reports that a person requested a falsified prescription, sources say. According to reports, a woman, later identified as Bennett’s mother, showed up at the pharmacy with a prescription refill for 90 Percocet pills. However, the pharmacist turned down the prescription and the woman left. Sources say that prescription sedatives, including Percocet, are not eligible for refills due to their dangerous and addictive qualities, which gave the prescription away as fraudulent.

When the pharmacist called the doctor who had appeared to have signed the prescription, he explained that Bennett had worked for him previously and divulged the circumstances surrounding her dismissal. The physician told the pharmacist that “[he] did not give any prescriptions to [Bennett] nor approve any prescriptions to [Bennett],” sources say. In addition, reports indicated, “it appeared that Stacie’s mother did not have any knowledge of the fraudulent prescription.” The mother was left unnamed in the report. So far she has not been charged with any crime.

After her mother was turned away empty-handed, Bennett showed up at the pharmacy herself, reports say. However, police were still on the scene and took her into custody. When the investigators searched Bennett, they reportedly found Fluoxetine, Tramadol, Diazepam, and Carisoprodol, all controlled medications, in her possession. Reports did not indicate whether Bennett had prescriptions for these medications. The officers also purportedly found a small pouch on Bennett, which contained rolling papers, a glass tube, a straw that reports claim may have been used for consuming narcotics, and wrapping foil. After her arrest, reports claim that Bennett allegedly admitted to using some of the utensils to consume Oxycodone.

Reports say that this is not Bennett’s first arrest on drug charges. Investigators allege that she obtained several types of prescription narcotics from a number of pharmacies located inside Walgreens and Publix supermarkets. In a time period ranging from July to September, Bennett reportedly acquired prescription drugs Diazepam, Hydrocodone, and Percocet illegally. She allegedly did so by forging and filling out fraudulent prescription cards, which she may have acquire from her place of employment at the doctor’s office. It is not clear whether authorities believe the prescriptions were for personal use or for sale.

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