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Son T. Uong of Clearwater, Florida Arrested for Carrying Concealed Firearms

Son T. Uong of Clearwater, Florida was arrested Saturday after he allegedly got so upset about a parking ticket that he assaulted a parking enforcement officer, which led to the discovery of a collection of firearms and ammunition in Uong’s car and home. Uong, 37, was booked into the Pinellas County Jail on charges of battery on an officer, carrying concealed firearms, and possession of firearms by a felon. It is not yet known whether he has qualified for bail . It is also not yet known whether he has hired a lawyer.

Reports say the Uong was convicted of felonies in 1994 and 1995. Reports were unable to provide any details regarding those charges, so it is not known whether Uong’s prior arrests were for charges similar to the ones he faces now.

The incident began around noon Saturday when a parking officer issued Uong a parking ticket in a parking lot in Clearwater Beach. It appears as though Uong got back to his car and realized he had been ticketed before the parking officer left the area. Uong allegedly became hostile with the parking officer and obstructed the officer’s vehicle with his own. Uong then reportedly got out of his car, approached the parking officer, and attempted to yank the 60-year-old from his vehicle. It is not clear whether the officer was injured in the scuffle or required medical treatment afterwards.

Police arrived on the scene shortly after the confrontation began. It is not clear who alerted them. “When [the police] got there, they saw the altercation and heard [Uong] say, ‘Someone’s going to die today,'” a police spokesperson said.

Uong allegedly resisted officers as they attempted to cuff him. The officers then searched his pockets and allegedly located a handgun. The officers also searched Uong’s vehicle. “There was a gun in the glove box that was concealed but readily accessible if he needed it…and [an assault rifle] in the trunk that was also readily accessible and loaded,” reports say. The officers also reportedly located 348 rounds of ammunition inside the vehicle.

“He’s a felon” a police spokesperson told reporters, “He’s not supposed to have any weapons on him, he does not have a concealed weapons permit. We’re currently looking into why he had all these weapons and if he had any plans of doing anything.”

Police executed a search warrant on Uong’s home on Monday and reportedly found additional ammo and another firearm, reports say. In all, police say they confiscated a Sig Sauer 556 assault rifle with eight magazines; a Sig Sauer P238 380-caliber handgun with three magazines; a Glock 27 40-caliber handgun with eight magazines; 188 rounds of .556/.223 rifle ammunition; 142 rounds of .40 auto pistol ammunition; and 18 rounds of .380 auto pistol ammunition.

“Of course there was in the back of everybody’s mind that there may be guns in the home,” a police spokesperson said. “We did a search of the home and did in fact find a gun and some ammunition.” According to reports, Uong’s neighbors described him as a good neighbor, saying he was “very quiet.”

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