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Six Injured in Palm Beach County, Florida Three Vehicle Collision

Six people were injured Thursday in a collision involving three vehicles in Palm Beach County, Florida, news sources indicate. Christina Bisaillon-Izquierdo, 32, reportedly sparked the collision when she failed to stop at a stop sign; her three daughters Evangelina Reyes, 7, and Bella and Charlize Reyes, both 6, were all in her vehicle at the time. Also in the accident were Jeffery Barham, 42, and Raul Paez, 54. Evangelina Reyes sustained serious injuries in the crash and was air-rushed to the St. Mary’s Medical Center. Bisaillon-Izquierdo and her two other daughters sustained minor injuries. Barham and Paez were not injured. An investigation into the accident is ongoing. So far, no legal charges have been pressed.

Reports say the accident occurred sometime Thursday morning as Bisaillon-Izquierdo was driving her three daughters to school. As the mother traveled eastbound on Citrus Grove, she quizzed her children for an upcoming test, reports say. When Bisaillon-Izquierdo’s 2009 Chrysler Town & Country reached a the intersection of Citrus Grove and Hall Boulevard, she reportedly failed to stop at a stop sign.

Barham was traveling northbound on Hall Boulevard behind the wheel of his 2002 Dodge Truck at the same moment, reports say. When Bisaillon-Izquierdo’s entered the intersection, Barham’s truck collided with her left-side passenger door. The force of the collision sent Bisaillon-Izquierdo’s van into a spiral, launching it into Paez’s 2007 Ford Fusion, which was stopped at a nearby stop sign.

Paramedics and fire rescue teams arrived on the scene following the accident. Evangelina sustained serious injuries in the wreck and had to be lifted to West Palm Beach St. Mary’s Medical Center. Charlize and Bella sustained less serious injuries and paramedics transferred them to the same hospital in an ambulance. Bisaillon-Izquierdo also sustained minor injuries. Braham and Paez walked away from the accident unharmed. Investigators say each person was wearing their safety belt, which likely minimized the severity of the injuries incurred.

Bisaillon-Izquierdo told reporters that she was grateful for the help she received from civilians following the accident. “At least 15 people stopped [at the accident site],” following the crash, she told reporters. “They were trying to get the girls out of car. Guys with crowbars were trying to get the door open. I pulled my daughter out of the van and handed her to some guy. He sat there and held her until the paramedics got there. It was amazing.”

Evangelina remained in the hospital following the accident, reports say. She suffered internal bleeding in her brain and has to have surgery. Bisaillon-Izquierdo said of her condition, “It’s really touch-and-go right now. The next three to five days are critical for her, so we’ll be here for a while.” Several close friends and family members were at the hospital following the accident, as well as community members such as Evangelina’s school principal, reports say.

Detectives have so far not released any information regarding whether or not charges will be filed. Reports say Bisaillon-Izquierdo failed to stop at the stop sign and could possibly be charged with distracted driving. When asked by reporters what had been going through her mind during the crash, Bisaillon-Izquierdo said, “I really don’t know what happened.”

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