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Schools Across Davie, Florida Locked Down Friday Following Gun Threat

Numerous schools throughout Davie, Florida were placed on lockdown Friday after an alleged armed scuffle outside of Broward Community College, sources indicate. One arrest was made following the lockdown, though the identity of the suspect has not been released. Reports did not indicate whether police found a weapon. Further charges are pending as police continue to investigate the incident.

Reports say that Broward College alerted students of a possible armed intruder at around 2:00 Friday afternoon. The school issued the alert over an emergency-notification system and posted the following message to social media sites: “BC Alert: Armed intruder/shooter@ Central. Seek shelter. If off campus, avoid area.” A number of other schools, including elementary and high schools, were also placed on lockdown following the alert. The lockdown was lifted around twenty minutes after it was issued.

The alarm followed a fight involving three men on the campus. All three persons involved were, at one point, all students at the Broward Community College, reports say. According to the report, one of the men hit another man in the face during an argument. The victim of the punch then sought help from an off-duty police officer, claiming his attacker was wielding a gun. The cop perused the suspect and caught him in the college’s library, which is off of 3501 Southwest Davie Road.

The arrested man apparently explained that the fight ensued after the three men arrived for a pre-arranged meeting. The suspect purportedly explained that the victim had sold him a defective mobile device via Craigslist and that they all agreed to meet up at the school to discuss the issue. However, the discussion had turned sour and the fight reportedly ensued.

While there were no shots fired during the Broward College incident – indeed, it is not even known whether a weapon was at the scene – there was gunfire in Rivera Beach, Florida over the weekend. Two teenagers were pronounced dead and a number of others injured following a shooting at a Sweet 16 party in Rivera Beach, sources indicate. None of the victims’ identities have been released as the investigation continues. Detectives are still trying to locate the shooter, who they have not identified. Those wounded in the shooting are expected to make full recoveries.

Reports say the incident occurred at around midnight Saturday inside Newcomb Hall. The building sits on 180 East 13th Street and is frequently rented out for parties and other special events. According to the facilities regulations, third party planners are required to arrange for security at these events.

The night of the shooting, Newcomb Hall played host to a Sweet 16 birthday party with over a 100 guests, reports indicate. The director of the party had hired a police officer to monitor the event. It is unclear what led to the shootings, or if the shooter was a guest, but it left one teen dead at the scene and sent seven other to the hospital. A second teen died of his injuries only a few hours later. The shooter escaped and police are investigating. Currently, it is not known whether any of party members, including those injured, will be able to identify the suspect.

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