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Santos Feliciano of Coral Springs, Florida Arrested for Child Pornography Possession

Santos Feliciano of Coral Springs, Florida was arrested on Monday after police allegedly found child pornography on a computer in his home. Feliciano, 34, was booked into Broward County Jail on charges of possession of child pornography. As of Tuesday, he was still incarcerated at the jail in lieu of paying $20,000 bond. Police are still investigating the allegations and have indicated that more charges may follow, although it is important to remember that Mr. Feliciano is innocent until proven guilty. It is not clear whether Mr. Feliciano has retained a private criminal defense attorney.

According to the police report, Feliciano was apprehended at the Coral Springs home where he lives with his wife and three children after authorities acquired a warrant to search the residence. Broward County officials did not indicate what led them to apply for the search warrant, although such cases often involve agents tracking IP addresses that download juvenile pornographic content. The search allegedly revealed explicit videos of children performing sex acts on a desktop computer located in the living room of the home. Police also allegedly located a thumb drive containing additional child pornography videos in Feliciano’s car.

The arrest report indicates that Feliciano confessed to viewing the videos on the computer in his home, as well as taking the thumb drive to work and watching the videos therein on his computer at work, although the report neglects t mention where Feliciano’s place of work is. Broward County officials have announced that they confiscated both computers as well as the thumb drive and are performing complete forensic examinations on the equipment. The case is still under investigation.

Feliciano is not the only area resident accused of committing a sex crime involving juveniles as of late. Michael Eldore Auclair of Charlotte County, Florida was arrested in mid-April after he allegedly entered into a sexual relationship with a 15-year-old girl. Auclair, 22, was apprehended by Charlotte County law enforcement officials and booked on charges of lewd battery involving enticing a minor, lewd battery involving sexual activity with a minor, and violation of probation. He was denied bail bond and remains incarcerated pending trial. It is not clear whether Mr. Auclair has retained a private criminal defense attorney.

It is not entirely clear what information led to Auclair’s arrest, but officials report that Auclair and the teen victim allegedly met on April 6 at a movie theater located in the Port Charlotte Town Center Mall and engaged in sexual activity in the top row of seats in the theater. Auclair and the teen allegedly exchanged phone numbers and subsequently sent each other over 1,600 text messages in the next five days, including explicit sexual language and naked pictures. Because the alleged victim is 15 years of age, the photos constitute child pornography.

During police questioning, the alleged victim told investigators that she had not engaged in vaginal or oral sex with Auclair at any time, including in the theater. It is not clear what Auclair told investigators in response to queries.

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