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Samuel Bennett, Hallandale Beach, Florida Carnival Cruise Line DJ, Arrested for Resisting Arrest

Samuel Bennett, a Hallandale Beach, Florida Carnival Cruise Line DJ, was arrested Wednesday after he was accused of resisting arrest, news sources report. Bennett, 26, was booked into the Broward County Main Jail on charges of resisting arrest. A county judge set his bail bond at $500. It is not yet known whether Bennett has retained an attorney.

The press says Bennett works as a DJ for the Carnival Cruise Line. In court, Bennett said he last worked for the cruise line in June and was scheduled to work again in August aboard the “Dream.” So far, a spokesperson for the Carnival Cruise Line has not commented on the case. There is no indication that Bennett has a criminal record.

According to reports, the incident occurred Wednesday afternoon at a public park in Hallandale Beach. Bennett was walking with a friend, who was walking a pit bull. The pair were walking near a playground when a police officer stopped them and asked Bennett for identification. Bennett reportedly declined to show that identification and started to walk away. The officer then tried to detain Bennett, but he resisted, sources allege.

The press report does not indicate exactly why the police officer attempted to detain Bennett. Florida is one of 24 states that has a stop-and-identify law, which allows officers to stop a civilian and ask for identification if there is a reasonable cause for suspicion. However, there is no indication in the press report that the police officer had probable cause to ask Bennett for his ID.

At that point, Bennett’s friend allegedly let go of the leash and the pit bull attacked the arresting officer. It is unclear what caused the friend to let go of the leash. “They had to shoot the pit bull,” a Broward County judge reportedly said during Bennett’s hearing. Officers pulled their guns on both men after the attack, sources say. “They had to pull their guns out on you and your [friend],” the judge allegedly noted. “After the dog was shot, they said you still didn’t give up.”

Bennett continued to resist officers, but he was eventually arrested. Bennett showed the county judge cuts and bruises he sustained to his face during the confrontation with police, reports say. “I’m sure you got popped,” the judge reportedly told him. “There’s no doubt you got popped, I don’t dispute that, but I have a feeling that none of this would have happened but for the fact you wouldn’t give your name.” It is not clear whether the friend was arrested.

Pit bulls are legal to own in most of Florida. In fact, Miami-Dade County is the only Florida county where owning a pit bull is officially banned. While many people fear the pit bull because of its violent history, more and more recent studies have shown that pit bulls, when raised in a loving home, are as docile as most other breeds of dogs. One study from the University of Pennsylvania sought to find out which dogs bite people the most. Dachshunds, Chihuahuas and Jack Russell terriers ranked as the top three.

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