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Samara Charlotin, Acacia Friedman, and Maury Noun Arrested in Coral Gables, Florida for Prostitution

University of Miami students Maury Noun and Acacia Friedman, and Florida International University student Samara Pamela Charlotin were arrested in Carol Gables by undercover police officers for their alleged involvement in a high-priced prostitution sting.

Charlotin, 19, of Miami is being charged with prostitution and drug offenses after police reportedly found an oxycodone pill and a small amount of marijuana in her wallet. Friedman, 23, of San Diego is also being charged with prostitution. Noun, 21, was identified as their pimp and is being charged with aiding prostitution and related offenses. The press did not name attorneys for the trio.

According to the arrest report, the alleged incident took place at the Hotel Colonnade in 180 Aragon Avenue in Coral Gables. Noun allegedly took an Uber to the hotel on Wednesday and sent Charlotin and Friedman to a hotel room where they were to meet an undercover detective for sex.

Noun then met another undercover detective posing as someone interested in buying sex at the outside seating area of the hotel restaurant. The detective reportedly negotiated a $10,000 price to spend the night with the two women and paid Noun a partial payment of $3,000.

While Noun was brokering the deal at the hotel restaurant, the undercover detective in the hotel room allegedly paid Friedman $5,000 and asked the women what they were willing to do for it. Friedman purportedly told him that the money was for them “to hang out.” When he asked her to elaborate, she reportedly told the detective that it was “all about [him].”

The undercover detective reportedly continued pressing for more details and asked Friedman if they could have sex without a condom if he paid more. Friedman told him that the price would be higher if they had sex without a condom.

The detective then said he would stick to the original plan of sex with a condom because he had brought some condoms with him. The two women reportedly said that they had also brought condoms with them, and Charlotin allegedly asked the detective if he wanted to have sex with both of them at the same time or just one first and then the other.

The detective told her that he would prefer to have sex with one woman at a time, but Charlotin was “free” to “join in” if she wanted. At that point the detective gave the “take down signal” to other police officers who were standing by to arrest the three students.

At her first court appearance last Thursday, Charlotin, on the verge of tears, told Judge Mindy Glazer that she was a “biology major with a minor in criminal justice.” The judge told the 19-year-old that she’s a “smart girl” and that she needs to find another line of work if she “want[s] to live to see age 20.”

A spokesperson for the University of Miami could not confirm or deny if Noun or Friedman were students at the university, saying she couldn’t comment on an open investigation. A spokesperson for Florida International University also told news sources that she wasn’t able to confirm if Charlotin was a student.

Source: 3.31.17 University of Miami Students Snared in Hooker Stinker.pdf

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