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Ryan Muscanell of Orange County, Florida Arrested for Fake Prescriptions

Ryan Muscanell of Orange County, Florida was arrested today after authorities accused him of creating several fake prescriptions, according to news reports. Muscanell, 24, faces one count of attempting to obtain drugs by fraud. He was reportedly granted a $2,00 bail bond, although it is not clear whether he has been released from jail yet. It is also not known whether he has retained a private criminal defense attorney. Muscanell has declined to comment publicly on the allegations.

Sources indicate that Muscanell stands accused of posing as a University of Central Florida Health Services patient. He did this, authorities say, in order to get his hands on the UCF letterhead that he fraudulently printed prescriptions on. The University of Central Florida has apparently told the public that Muscanell is not a student at the university and has never been treated at the hospital. It is not clear whether Muscanell has any other connection to the institution. The details of his alleged masquerading as a patient also remain under wraps.

Regardless of the holes in the story, what is clear is that officials believe that Muscanell created fake prescriptions for codeine, a strong prescription painkiller. He then took the prescriptions to two pharmacies, sources indicate. First, Muscanell allegedly tried a Target store on Goldenrod road but was turned away. He reportedly was luckier at Cure Aid pharmacy in Orange County, where police say he filled at least two of the fake prescriptions several weeks after his original attempt.

But detectives apparently believe there was more to the plot then that. A total of 23 fraudulent prescriptions are believed to have been filed at the Cure Aid pharmacy, and only two of those have been traced back to Muscanell. Police may be planning on making more arrests in connection to the additional prescriptions. This could potentially include pharmacists at Cure Aid of authorities deem they were aware of the fraudulent nature of the prescriptions.

“That must be really hard, because they really do everything by the book,” one student said of executing the alleged crime by breaching the UCF system. According to reports, the University of Central Florida Health Services uses a sophisticated electronic system for prescriptions. “We keep a very tight, secure access on our prescriptions documents,” one spokesperson was quoted as saying. The nature of the security measures in place were not disclosed.

Muscanell was not the only person who was arrested this week. In Shelton, Florida, 40-year-old Richard Ortiz was arrested after he was accused of committing numerous area car burglaries. Ortiz, who hails from Fort Lauderdale, was apprehended on two counts each of third-degree burglary, conspiracy to commit burglary, and illegal use of a credit card, along with one charge each of fifth-degree larceny and conspiracy.

Ortiz is wanted in several different counties and apparently had around a dozen warrants out for his arrest when he as pulled over for a routine traffic stop. He is reportedly wanted in Milford, Derby, Stratford, Trumbull, and is even facing extradition to Georgia.