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Roshaad George Panton of Lauderdale Lakes, Florida Arrested for Child Molestation

Roshaad George Panton of Lauderdale Lakes, Florida was arrested Thursday for allegedly showing a 13-year-old girl pornography and forcing her to touch his genitals, news sources report. Panton, 22, was booked into the Broward County Main Jail on charges of contributing to the delinquency of a child, lewd and lascivious molestation, and violation of probation. His bail was initially set at $10,500, but a judge later ordered he be held without bail bond for the probation violation. It is unclear whether Panton has hired a defense lawyer.

According to reports, the incident occurred on April 18 at the victim’s home. It is not yet known what relation Panton is to the victim or why he was at the victim’s home. The victim reportedly told police that Panton exposed himself to her and showed her a pornographic video. While the video was playing, Panton allegedly placed the girl’s hand on his genitals. Panton did this against the victim’s will, reports say. The victim reported the abuse to the police sometime later.

In other crime-related news, an 80-year-old Ocala woman who though she had won thousands ended up losing more than $200,000, reports say. Scammers allegedly told the victim she had won a huge sweepstakes, but that she had to make a tax payment before receiving the money. The victim told police she did not wish to be identified publicly because she does not want to make herself a target for other scammers, sources say. Police are currently investigating the fraud, but have not yet identified any suspects.

The incident began in early 2012 when the victim received a phone call advising her that she had won “thousands of dollars in sweepstakes,” sources say. The caller told the victim that before she could collect the winnings, she would have to pay taxes on the money.

The victim, believing she was paying taxes on the winnings, sent a check for $88,000 to a suspect in Honduras and a check for $20,000 to a suspect in Panama City. Police say the victim also sent checks to a number of suspects in Jamaica. The payments were made using Western Union and Moneygram. In all, sources say the victim sent the fraudsters over $200,000.

The victim began to suspect foul play earlier this year after the money she had supposedly won failed to materialize. “I’ve sent money through the bank and the post office, and I’ve never received one red cent,” the victim said. The victim was initially hesitant about reporting her role in the scam and has said her children are upset that she fell for the fraud.

A police spokesperson said the elderly are at high risk for fraud because scammers know they usually have retirement money. “The traditional form of contact is by phone or mail,” a spokesperson said. “With baby boomers being more computer savvy, the scams are also on the computer.” The elderly are also more reluctant to report scams because they are embarrassed, cannot remember the details of the scam, or do not want to risk having their financial freedom taken away.

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