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Rosa Rivera Kim of Fort Lauderdale, Florida Hits, Kills Pregnant Alanna Demella

Rosa Rivera Kim of Fort Lauderdale, Florida hit Alanna Demalla, a seven-months pregnant woman, as she used the bathroom inside of a poolside cabana on March 19, according to sources. Kim apparently sped off of a nearby road and crashed into the cabana, killing Demalla, 26, on impact. Rivera was sent to the hospital in serious condition after the car accident. It is not entirely clear what caused the crash, and officers are still conducting an investigation. As of now, no charges have been filed. It is not known whether Riviera has retained a private criminal defense attorney.

According to reports, the car accident occurred at around 1:30 p.m. at the Riverside Hotel, located at 800 SE Fourth St in Fort Lauderdale. Demella and her husband, Michael Demella, were visiting from Boston. They had reportedly won a trip to Fort Lauderdale through their church and had just finished attending a conference for Christian couples.

Witnesses say that the Demallas had just come out into the pool area and had decided to use the bathrooms located in the cabana. While they were in the bathroom, a four-door sedan drove off of East Las Olas Blvd. straight into the ladies’ restroom side of the cabana. The two concrete pillars that held the two-story structure up collapsed, crushing Alanna Demalla inside.

“A big almighty explosion, that’s what it sounded like,” commented one witness. “Tragic accident. It’s sad. There was no breaking. No screeching of tires, just a big explosion.” “We all converged to starting, ripping the debris apart to get to the woman. I think it was too late,” said another witness. “Just sitting there, minding your own business and one almighty bang. You just never know. Poor lady had just gone in there to use the restroom.”

Another witness indicated that Rivera’s car was going quite fast: “I was driving along here and the car cut in front of me, going very rapidly,” he said. The speed limit in the area is at most 30 miles per hour. Authorities are still trying to figure out what caused Rivera to lose control of her vehicle. There has not yet been any mention of the possibility of the involvement of drugs or alcohol.

According to witnesses, the woman’s husband was screaming “why? why?” and kept repeating that he and his wife were on their way home and that he didn’t understand why this had happened. It is not clear whether he sustained any injuries; sources indicate that three people were taken to the hospital, and witnesses say that he appeared to have suffered some cuts.

Emergency workers unearthed Demella from the cabana wreckage. She was pronounced dead at the scene. Rosa Maria Riviera was transported to Broward General Medical center, where medical personnel say she is in serious condition. She later told police that she had been at lunch drinking a martini just before the accident but that she had not finished her beverage because she had gotten into an argument and left the restaurant.

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