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Ronkedrick Alphonse of Hollywood, Florida Arrested for Sexual Assault With a Weapon

Ronkedrick Alphonse of Hollywood, Florida was arrested on August 4 for allegedly sexually assaulting a woman in her home. Alphonse, 28, is charged with sexual assault with a weapon and is being held without bond. The press did not specify an attorney for Alphonse.

According to the arrest report, Alphonse first encountered the alleged victim a week before the assault took place. He reportedly threatened her at gunpoint outside her Hollywood home, but the woman managed to get away from him by locking herself inside.

Investigators say Alphonse returned to the neighborhood less than a week later, and this time he purportedly sneaked up on the victim while she was outside smoking a cigarette. The woman reportedly attempted to run inside her home for safety, but she wasn’t fast enough and Alphonse managed to force the door open before she could lock it.

Alphonse purportedly threatened to shoot the woman while pushing her onto her bed. He then took off his pants and proceeded to rape her while her young daughter was in another room. Alphonse reportedly told the woman that he didn’t want to harm her, but continued to threaten her with his gun.

The arrest report states that Alphonse forced the victim to perform oral sex on him after he raped her. He allegedly told her that he would “bust her teeth in” if she tried to hurt him. Alphonse used a condom during the assault and took it with him when he left, but the victim managed to collect evidence for police by spitting his bodily fluids into a cup. It is unclear if the fluids matched Alphonse’s DNA.

One of the victim’s neighbors, who was interviewed by detectives, said he had seen a man who fits Alphonse’s description. The neighbor claims to have seen Alphonse in the area at least three times wearing blue jeans and a blue shirt—the same clothes the victim described in the police report.

Alphonse was arrested a few hours after the alleged sexual assault for an unrelated case involving a teenager he reportedly rubbed his genitals against last year. Police compared notes and noticed that Alphonse was wearing the same clothes described by the sexual assault victim and her neighbor.

Source: 8.16.16 Alphonse Sexual Assault.pdf