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Rollover Crash in Volusia, Florida Leaves 2 Children in Critial Condition

Hazel Dobard was the driver involved in a rollover crash in Volusia County, Florida. Two children were airlifted to local hospitals in Daytona Beach, Florida and Orlando, Florida. According to news reports, Hazel Dobard was driving on I-95 in her 2001 Honda SUV when she lost control at about 9:45 in the morning.Thumbnail image for Injury Lawyer Fort Lauderdale.jpg

Hazel Dobard’s vehicle ended up rolling over, causing two children to be ejected from the interior. Dobard and four other passengers in the vehicle were also injured and sent to the hospital, although their exact condition is presently unknown. The names of the other passengers have not yet been released by investigators.

However, according to news reports, Hazel Dobard lost control of her Honda SUV after one of the rear tires blew out. The cause for this blow out is not presently being reported and it is not clear if a cause has even been identified yet.

Regardless, this rollover crash poses a number of interesting issues from a legal stand-point. As an injury lawyer, I can tell you that the passengers of the Honda, especially the two children who are in critical condition, likely have a very good claim to make against Hazel Dobard’s auto insurance company (assuming she has insurance).

Even of Dobard is the parent or family member of those injured, a claim may still be made against her insurance for any negligence she may be responsible for. For example, did Dobard fail to properly maintain her tires? Were the tires balding? Were they properly inflated? Have they been rotated and balanced according to schedule?

In the alternative, a third party may also be responsible for this rollover crash. For example, if Hazel Dobard recently had her tires serviced and the mechanic overinflated her tires, thus causing the blowout, then the mechanic shop may be responsible to the victims. If this is the case, then a claim may possibly be made against the mechanic shops’ insurance.

On the other hand, the tire itself may have been defective. What if Hazel Dobard had recently purchased that tire, but it turned out to be defective? If this can be proven, Dobard, the children, and the other injured passengers may have a valid claim against tire manufacturers.

From the perspective of an injury lawyer, this stage of the case is extremely important. Analyzing the evidence to determine what caused the accident is crucial. Once a cause or causes have been identified, an injury attorney will be able to devise a legal strategy to seek compensation for the victims, if that is possible.

Knowing who the responsible party or parties are is extremely important.

To accomplish this task, an injury attorney will need to begin his investigation with a review if the crash report written by police. He/she will also need to inspect the scene of the accident and inspect the vehicle itself, especially the tires. A review of the physical evidence in the case will be extremely helpful for an injury lawyer working on this case.

Given the complex nature of a case like this, Hazel Dobard and those affected should contact an injury lawyer with experience. Knowing how to work this type of case up correctly could make the difference between a successful result and a failure.

Since the injuries in this case seem pretty serious, Dobard and the others need to consider the long term impacts medical bills, rehabilitation, physical therapy, and possibly cosmetic surgery may create in the future. Since the injuries from this rollover crash seem so serious, there is no doubt in my mind that a lot of time will be needed to recover. Naturally, this will cause a long term financial problem as well.

I hope all those affected by this rollover crash have a speedy recovery.

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