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Roll Over Car Accident in Tamarac, Florida Involves Multiple Vehicles

A roll over car accident took place this morning in Tamarac, Florida. The accident was first reported around 7:30 this morning and involved multiple vehicles. It was also reported that traffic delays were heavy.

At the present time, the cause of this accident and the specifics of what happened are still under investigation. The names of those involved have also not yet been released.

Given the fact that this case involved a vehicle rollover, the potential for serious injury is very real. However, when investigating what caused the accident, police are expected to give tremendous weight to the observations made by eye witnesses and then compare that to the physical evidence present on the scene.

The physical position of the vehicles will be very telling, as will the direction of any tire tread and debris fields created when the vehicles collided with each other.

Given the nature of this case, those involved should each hire an experienced injury lawyer. By obtaining the right legal representation, those involved can make sure that their rights are preserved. Undoubtedly, medical bills will need to be paid, auto repair or auto replacements expenses must be reimbursed, and if anyone is left with long term medical damages, those costs must be recovered as well.

An injury lawyer’s first job in a case like this will be to determine liability. In other words, an injury lawyer will need to determine who is at fault. What caused this accident? Was it the actions of one party or the interactions of multiple parties? Are there any innocent bystanders who sustained injury? Often times a pedestrian can be injured when two motorists act negligently and crash into each other.

Again, the facts of this case are still unknown and it is therefore impossible to draw any concrete conclusions about what happened at the present time.

However, once liability is analyzed, an injury lawyer will then take damages into consideration. Was anyone serious injured? Has anyone suffered permanent disability or an injury that requires long term medical care? Will those parties affected suffer any inability to return to work? If so, for how long?

An injury lawyer will also consider property damage, such as repair bills or the costs of a “totaled” vehicle.

Performing this two-part analysis requires an expert knowledge of the law, of the rules of evidence, of car accident reconstruction and the role of medical evidence in injury cases. These issues can get very complex, very quickly.

Handling this car accident the right way from the start will have a direct impact on the way settlement negotiations transpire between those who have been injured and those who have been negligent.

Hopefully the injured parties in this case will have a speedy recovery that enables them ti return to their normal lives as soon as possible. If not, prolonged litigation may be required.

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