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Robert White, Highland City, Florida Officer, Arrested Twice Over Weekend

Robert White, a Highland City, Florida Customs officer, was arrested twice over the weekend for allegedly slapping his wife, then violating a protection order that she filed against him. White, who is a U.S. Department of Customs and Border Protection law enforcement officer, has been charged with domestic violence battery and violating a protection order. He is believed to still be in custody at Polk County Jail. It is not clear whether he was granted bail bond, nor is it known whether he has retained a private criminal defense attorney.

According to the first arrest report, the physical altercation between White, 45, and his wife occurred at the couple’s home in Highland City, Florida on Saturday night. White was at the residence with his wife and his son, 13. Neither his wife’s name nor the name of the child have been released due to the nature of the domestic violence case.

While the police report declines to say what the couple was arguing about, it does say that White eventually grabbed a cell phone that his wife was holding and threw it, then came at her in an ‘aggressive manner.’ It is not know whether the victim was holding the cell phone because she wanted to call police. The victim reportedly threw a drink that she was holding at White in order to stop him from advancing, but White allegedly ignored it and slapped her across the face. The 13-year-old boy witnessed the incident, according to sources. The report does not indicate whether the victim fled after White hit her. It is not clear whether alcohol was a factor in the alleged incident.

Following the incident, the victim called the Polk County Sheriff’s office, which responded by sending an officer to the home. White was arrested on one count of domestic violence battery and spent the night in Polk County Jail. He reportedly cooperated with authorities during the arrest.

The same night, the victim filed and successfully received a temporary protection order against White. The protection order was served to White in jail and forbade him from having any contact with his wife. It is not clear how long the temporary protection order is valid and whether it also applies to White’s son.

The next day, White was released and Polk County sheriff’s deputies accompanied him to his home while the victim and his son were out so that he could collect some personal belongings, such as clothing. However, while at the residence, the deputies received word from the police department that White had violated the temporary protection order that his wife had filed against him the night before. White allegedly called his wife from prison after the protection order had been served. He was arrested again, this time on charges of violating the protection order, and taken back to jail.

The U.S. Department of Customs and Border Protection has not released a comment regarding the arrests. It is not clear whether White will be suspended with or without pay or lose his job as a result of the allegations. No information is forthcoming as to White’s record with the department, how many years and where he has served, and whether he has been reviewed or reprimanded before.

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