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Richard Calderoni of Tampa, Florida Arrested for Disturbing the Peace

Richard Calderoni of Tampa, Florida was arrested Saturday after he allegedly acted belligerently aboard a flight to Key West, news sources report. Calderoni, 50, was booked into police custody on charges of disturbing the peace. The press did not say whether Calderoni qualified for bail bond. It is also unclear whether he has enlisted the help of a defense attorney.

According to reports, the incident occurred on Sunday aboard a Silver Airways flight to Key West. It is not known how many passengers were aboard the plane. Reports say the flight attendants asked Calderoni numerous times to power off his electronics, but that Calderoni reportedly refused. At some point, Calderoni also became irate and loud and used offensive language while speaking to the flight attendants. It should be noted that airplane passengers are required by federal law to cooperate with flight attendants.

At one point, Calderoni allegedly blocked a flight attendant from proceeding down the aisle by sticking his legs into the aisle area. Calderoni then allegedly told the attendant that she “must be miserable in her job.” When the attendant looked at Calderoni, reports say he appeared as though he was masturbating over his clothing.

Due to the disturbance, the pilot nearly decided to turn the flight around, but figured it was not in the passengers’ best interests, according to reports. After the plane landed, officers came aboard and placed Calderoni under arrest. Sources say that some of the passengers cheered as Calderoni as arrested; several passengers later reported feeling uncomfortable and even scared because of Calderoni’s behavior during the flight, sources say. So far, Silver Airways has remained mum regarding the incident and the subsequent arrest.

Some disruptive behavior occurs right on the ground. Jeri Cox of Orlando was arrested Monday after she was accused of drunkenly crashing her SUV into a concrete pole, reports say. Two passengers, including Cox’s 7-year-old child, were reportedly in the vehicle at the time; sources do not specify whether either party was injured. Cox was booked into the Orange County Jail on charges of child neglect, DUI while accompanied by a minor, leaving the scene of accident with property damage, and refusal to submit to a DUI test. It is unclear whether she qualified for bail or hired legal representation.

According to reports, the incident occurred around 11:00 Monday evening. After a day of eating waffles and drinking wine at Lake Eola Park, Cox allegedly climbed behind the wheel of her SUV with her mother in the passenger’s seat and her child in the back seat. The child was reportedly in a car seat, though the seat was not properly secured. Cox drove to 7-Eleven, where a pedestrian had to dive out of the way of her SUV right before it struck a concrete pole, sources indicate.

Reports say Cox got out of the wrecked vehicle and made her way into the 7-Eleven with her child to buy more wine. A clerk and another witness apparently confiscated her keys and contacted police. Cox then reportedly took her child by foot to a nearby restaurant.

Soon after, officers spoke with Cox, who allegedly said, “I didn’t hit anything. My car is fine.” “While speaking with Cox I was able to notice that her eyelids were heavy and her eyes were glassy, red and bloodshot,” an officer apparently noted in his report. “Cox was breathing heavy and was slow in responding to my questions.”

Sources: 7.11.13 Calderoni Disturbing the Peace.pdf, 7.11.13 Cox DUI.pdf.

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