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Ricardo Salamanca of Plantation, Florida Arrested for Aggravated Battery

Ricardo Salamanca of Plantation, Florida was arrested Wednesday after he was accused of cutting his girlfriend’s nose during a physical altercation, news sources indicate. The victim, who reports did not identify, later required surgery to reattach the appendage. Salamanca, 48, was booked into Broward County Jail on charges of aggravated battery causing bodily harm following the incident. His bail bond was set at $75,000. It is not yet known whether he has hired a lawyer.

Reports say the alleged incident took place on October 28. According to reports, Salamanca was at a club in Plantation with his girlfriend, who later left the club to return home without Salamanca (the pair do not live together, sources say). Sometime afterwards, Salamanca left the club as well and reportedly went to the woman’s home. It appears as though victim willingly let Salamanca into the residence, as there is not indication that Salamanca broke into the home.

While details are sketchy, reports say Salamanca attempted to initiate sexual activity with the victim but she refuted his advances. This reportedly made Salamanca angry, and he allegedly attacked the victim out of rage. The victim purportedly alleged that Salamanca shoved her to the ground and attempted to choke her, but that she was able to get away. She then attempted to flee, reports say, but Salamanca allegedly grabbed her and threw her to the ground. At that point, the victim noticed a steady flow of blood coming from her face, sources indicate. Sometime during the fight, Salamanca had allegedly used a knife to cut the victim’s nose.

The victim reportedly escaped and traveled to the Broward Health Imperial Point hospital. When doctors realized that her nose had been nearly severed, they transferred her to the Broward Health North hospital on trauma alert. She has since undergone surgery to re-attach her nose, which a Broward County Judge described as having been “severed down to the sinus cavity, where her nose was only attached by a thread.” It remains to be seen whether the victim will require subsequent surgeries to restore her nose to a normal state, or if she will choose to pursue legal damages.

Salamanca was not the only Florida resident accused of assault recently. Stephen Curtis Cline of Lake Worth, Florida was arrested Monday after he allegedly violently refused to leave his hotel room at the Hampton Inn, reports indicate. Cline, 58, was booked into police custody on charges of aggravated assault with a weapon, battery of a law enforcement officer, resisting an officer, and trespassing. It is unclear whether a bail has been set or if Cline has hired legal representation.

Reports say the alleged incident occurred at the Hampton Inn off Lake Worth Road. Hotel records show that Cline had been staying at the hotel for several days and had paid for each night; however, on Monday, reports say he did not pay and the hotel staff gave him an ultimatum: pay or leave. Cline allegedly went back to his room, locked the door, and refused to leave.

According to reports, Cline became short tempered and shouted insults at hotel staff, so the facility’s manager called in police. When they breached the hotel room door, they found Cline on the other side, allegedly armed with a knife. The detectives then called in a SWAT team that was able to escort Cline from the building.

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