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Ricardo Jose Bonilla Shoots Himself After Standoff With Miami Police

Ricardo Jose Bonilla, Jr.,18, was the subject of a four hour manhunt in Miami, Florida. According to the Miami Police Department spokeswoman, police were initially called out to a hit and run car accident. Witnesses told police that the fleeing car had crashed not far from the scene of the first accident.

Bonilla, Jr. allegedly called his father for a ride after the second crash. When police caught up with him, Bonilla, Jr. pointed a gun at a police officer. The cop took cover and Bonilla, Jr. took off on foot, triggering a four hour man hunt that included the use of K-9’s, a helicopter, and a SWAT team.

While the details are not presently known, a standoff with police ensued ended with Bonilla, Jr. shooting himself in the head. He is listed in critical condition at Jackson Memorial Hospital where he is expected to die.

Bonilla, Jr.’s dad told CBS-4 reporters, “If I would have been the mediator this would have not happened. My kid would have turned himself in and a life would not be on the line at this time.” He supposedly begged police for permission to talk his son into surrendering peacefully. This request was allegedly denied.

“I would rather have seen my son in jail for four to five years but not here now waiting to die,” Bonilla, Sr. stated.

This case is going to require some serious investigating after the dust settles. Rightfully, nothing gets cops more riled up and aggressive than a teenager who points a gun at them.

What was Bonilla, Jr. thinking? Does the fact that he shot himself reveal that he was suffering from some kind of major mental illness? CBS-4 reported that Bonilla, Jr. had an extensive criminal history including armed car jacking, home invasion, and other felonies.

The fact that he fled both accidents, pointed a gun at a cop, then fled for another four hours, and then shot himself in the head, shows that there was something terribly wrong with Bonilla, Jr.

The details of this case will need to be scrutinized for two reasons. First, to determine if the cops acted correctly, and second, to prevent outcomes like this from happening in the future. Given Bonilla, Jr.’s criminal history and wild actions, it is a miracle no one else was hurt.

The whole thing is so terribly unfortunate. Doctors do not expect Bonilla, Jr. to survive.

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