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Raymond Vincent Arrested for Lewd and Lascivious Molestation in Fort Lauderdale

Raymond Vincent was arrested in Fort Lauderdale on Tuesday on three counts of lewd or lascivious molestation on a victim under 12. Vincent, who works at McDonalds, was booked in the Broward County Jail. He was denied bail bond at his first court appearance on Wednesday.

There is no forthcoming information yet as to whether or not he has a criminal defense attorney.

The victim, who talked to police about the crimes, indicated that she was molested three times between May 2011 and January 15, 2012. She said that after all three incidents, Vincent instructed her not to tell anyone what he had done. According to the affidavit, the last incident occurred when Vincent offered the girl food to get her into his apartment. Once she was inside, she washed her hands and Vincent inappropriately touched her and tried to get her to sit on his lap. The child indicated that this was typical for each incident.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time Fort Lauderdale has seen sex offenders who target children.

The recent high-profile case where a 15-year-old girl was allegedly raped on a cruise ship by Luiz Scavone, 20, and a minor companion occurred on a vessel that embarked from Fort Lauderdale.

In that case, the girl had been enjoying a 10-day holiday cruise with her family until the crime occurred. The girl told authorities that on the last day of the cruise, she was attending a party at a teen club on the ship called Fuel when the first assailant, who is also 15 years old, asked her to go to a private party.

She agreed and went with him to a room, where instead of a party she found only Scavone. Feeling uncomfortable, she told them she had a curfew and needed to get going. But the men would not let her leave, and they allegedly took turns raping her before she could escape. Both suspects in that case have been caught and are awaiting trial. Scavone is being held at Broward County Jail, while the 15-year-old is at a juvenile detention center.

In another recent case involving sexual assault of a minor, Kristen Sullivan, a middle school teacher, accepted a plea deal on a case where she had a sexual relationship with a 13-year-old boy for almost a year.

The teacher, who has worked in the Broward school district since 2000, was caught when her victim’s appropriately aged girlfriend found suspicious text messages on his phone, which she reported to authorities. Police made the arrest after tapping a phone call between Sullivan and the then 14-year-old, which confirmed that their relationship was not a normal student-teacher one.
She recently accepted a plea deal that put her in prison for three years but spared her a sex offender designation.

She turned down a different deal that would have labeled her a sex offender but kept her out of prison. If she fails to show up for her prison sentence, her three years will be increased to ninety.

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