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Raymond Edwin Adderly, Jr. Murdered in Miramar, Florida

Raymond Edwin Adderly, Jr. was murdered at his home in Miramar, Florida on Tuesday night. Adderly, also known as “Nutzo” by his fans, was an aspiring rap star and childhood friend of Rick Ross. According to news reports, Adderly was shot to death in front of his wife and young children during a home invasion robbery.

So far, no suspects have been named nor have any arrests been made.

Upon arriving home from a Christmas play, Ramond Adderly allegedly walked into his home ahead of his family when armed men approached and yelled “Give us everything!” The family was then ushered into the home where they were robbed at gun point.

Once inside, Adderly is said to have emptied his pockets and pleaded with the men not to harm his family. He was then shot and the men fled the scene.

In my experience as a criminal defense lawyer and former prosecutor, I can tell you that this is a very serious case that will not be ignored by police. First of all, this case involves a murder. Second, it involves a home invasion. Third, it is a gun crime. Short of adding drugs, this case has all the things that police love about being the police.

I am sure crime scene investigators have already dusted the Adderly home for prints and have scoured the area for possible surveillance cameras. Detectives and police sketch artists have also interviewed Adderly’s wife, Tameka, and have asked her for a detailed description of the attackers. Unless they wore masks, I am sure a police sketch is forthcoming.

It will only be a matter of time before police snitches and members of the community give up these clowns. In fact, violent crime like this home invasion murder are usually committed on impulse, with little or no planning. I would not be surprised to learn that the killers were motivated by the moronic belief that someone like Raymond Adderly must have had a lot of money and valuables in this home simply because he was a rap artist with a forthcoming debut album.

In fact, the police only need to get lucky once and catch one of the killers. Once one person is caught, nine times out of ten, that guy will snitch on the others to save himself. I would not be surprised if this is already in the works as I type this.

According to the news, police believe that the killers knew Adderly and that this was not a random crime.

Even if the killers wore masks, Tameka may still be able to identify them by recognizing their voices. This is especially likely if the killers knew Adderly and this wasn’t a random act of violence.

Once more information is released about this case, we will be able to draw more concrete conclusions about what happened, who was involved, and what the killers real motivations were.

I hope the police catch who did this so that Adderly’s wife and kids can get the justice they deserve.

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