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Raul Pavon of Marathon, Florida Arrested for Battery

Raul Pavon of Marathon, Florida was arrested Sunday for allegedly pulling a man out of a car and assaulting him, news sources report. Pavon, 27, was booked into the Monroe County Jail on charges of criminal mischief, battery, and burglary to a vehicle. Pavon has since been released from jail on unspecified charges. Reports did not say whether Pavon has hired a defense attorney.

According to reports, the incident occurred at the Sea Grape apartment complex in Marathon. Pavon’s young daughter frequently walks through the parking lot at the complex, sources say. Pavon claims that the victim often speeds when driving through the complex’s parking lot, putting his daughter at risk of being hit, reports say.

On Thursday, Pavon had apparently had enough of the speeding. He approached the victim’s parked vehicle, which also contained the victim’s wife and mother, and pulled the victim out of the driver’s seat, sources say. Pavon allegedly then pushed the victim and told him that he was about to “beat” him for speeding through the parking lot. The victim’s wife got out of the vehicle and tried to break up the fight, but Pavon allegedly pushed her as well. The victim’s mother, who was in the back seat, called police, reports say.

After Pavon was arrested, he told officers that he confronted and pulled the victim from the vehicle because he was fed up with how fast the victim drove through the parking lot. It is not currently known whether Pavon had filed a complaint about the victim’s alleged speeding in the past.

Pavon was not the only person arrested for disrupting traffic this past week. On Wednesday, officers arrested a naked woman after she hopped onto an occupied vehicle, reports say. Information regarding the woman’s identity was not immediately available following the incident. Police arrested and booked her into a medical facility under the state’s Baker Act following the incident.

Police received reports of a completely naked woman wandering the streets somewhere in Hialeah on Wednesday. Officers began searching and soon found the woman near West Eighth Avenue and 23rd Street. The woman fled the police after they tried to capture her, reports say. She then allegedly ran into the intersection and got onto the roof of a car that was stopped at the red light.

Officers were able to convince the woman to come down from her perch. She was taken to a medical clinic for psychiatric evaluation and was kept under the state’s Baker Act, reports say. The woman purportedly has a history of mental illness.

No one was seriously injured in either of these traffic incidents, but not everyone in South Florida is so fortunate. There were over 69,000 traffic crashes in both Broward and Miami-Dade counties in 2010, records show. 425 deaths reportedly occurred as a result of those accidents. While most crashes are purely accidental, many are caused by drivers-side distractions, speeding, and driving under the influence. Statistics show that more than 3,000 crashes in Miami-Dade and Broward counties were the result of DUI.

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