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Randa Natour of Hollywood, Florida Arrested for Domestic Violence

Randa Natour of Hollywood, Florida was arrested Monday after she was accused of assaulting her daughter-in-law, Georgetta Al-Billeh, news sources report. Natour, 61, was booked into the Broward County Main Jail on charges of domestic violence. A judge ordered that she be held in lieu of $3,500 bail bond. The press did not specify a criminal defense lawyer for Natour.

According to reports, Al-Billeh married Natour’ son three years ago. Al-Billeh and Natour’s son do not yet have children. This has reportedly caused tension in the family, eventually resulting in the alleged assault.

At around 4:00 Monday afternoon, an officer responded to a domestic call at a third-floor apartment in the 300 block of South Luna Court, reports say. The door to the apartment was cracked open, and a police officer could reportedly hear screams emanating from the residence. The officer could allegedly see Al-Billeh crying inside the apartment as Natour unsuccessfully tried to keep the officer out.

The officer later learned that Natour had assaulted Al-Billeh, reports say. During a confrontation about the childless marriage, Natour allegedly hit Al-Billeh in the face, pulled her hair, and shook her while threatening to send Al-Billeh back to her native Jordan, sources say. It is unclear whether Al-Billeh’s husband was home at the time of the alleged assault.

Domestic violence happens on a daily basis throughout South Florida communities. Earlier this month, Juan Javier Lovine and Isabel Rego of St. Cloud were apprehended after Lovine allegedly stabbed his daughter with a sword and Rego interfered with his arrest, sources report. Lovine, 44, was taken into custody on charges of domestic violence, attempted murder, and aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, while Rego, 74, was charged with interfering with a law-enforcement officer without violence. It was unclear at press time whether the defendants qualified for bail or hired legal representation.

Reports say the incident took place at around 10 p.m. Friday at Rego and Lovine’s shared home in St. Lovine’s daughter and her four-year-old son had come to the home for a visit. Rego reportedly said Lovine and his daughter have long-standing issues.

That night, Lovine and the victim got into an argument, reports say. The debate became physical when Lovine reportedly pushed the victim against a wall and struck her. In return, the victim struck Lovine in the eye, causing him to bleed. According to reports, Lovine retrieved a five-foot, medieval style sword and used it to stab the victim in the forearm and chest in retribution.

Officers responded to the home and attempted to arrest Lovine, but Rego jumped between him and the officers, sources say. Rego later said she was only trying to kiss her son, not interfere with his arrest. “The [officer] stopped me,” Rego reportedly said. “He said, ‘You want to go to jail?'” Rego was subsequently arrested.

The victim was treated at Orlando Regional Medical Center. “[Lovine] didn’t mean to [stab her],” Rego apparently said. “The police put in their [report] that he tried to kill her. That is not true. He loves her, they just don’t get along.”

Source: 8.20.13 Natour Domestic Violence.pdf

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