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Raeann Trapp of Orlando, Florida and Dannis Bish Collide; Bish Dead

Raeann Trapp of Orlando, FL reportedly collided with Dannis Bish and Robert Martinausky in a car and motorcycle accident involving a Mustang and two Harley Davidsons on Saturday, March 10. The accident ended in Dannis Bish dead Martinausky and Bish’s wife Jane wounded. Charges are pending in the case, which the Orlando police department and the Florida Highway Patrol are investigating. it is not clear at this time whether Trapp has retained a private criminal defense attorney.

The crash reportedly took place when Trapp, 16, turned left in front of the motorcycles. Several eyewitnesses to the accident say that Trapp turned directly in front of the motorcyclists, giving them no time to stop. One store worker who witnessed the crash says that she is surprised that Jane Bish and Robert Martinausky survived the wreck.

Trapp was reportedly wearing her seat belt at the time of the accident and was licensed to drive. She walked away unharmed, but authorities are expecting to file charges against her shortly regarding the fatal crash. It is not clear how charges would proceed since she is a minor.

The car accident reportedly took place at the intersections of Chuluota Road and Colonial Road at around 9:00 p.m. Trapp was trying to turn left from Colonial Road onto Chuluota Road in a Ford Mustang. She turned directly in front of Bish, who was riding his Harley Davidson with his wife, 53-year-old Jayne Bish, seated on the back. 52-year-old Robert Martinausky, another oncoming motorcyclist and a friend of the Bish’s, managed to avoid hitting Trapp by dropping his motorcycle and sliding at an angle. Authorities believe that his evasive actions saved his life.

Dannis Bish was pronounced dead at Florida Hospital East immediately following the collision. The two surviving motorcyclists were taken to Orlando Regional Medical Center for treatment. Jayne Bish was listed as in critical condition. Martinausky also suffered serious injuries. Their current states are not known. None of the three motorcyclists were wearing helmets at the time of the collision.

The motorcyclists were reportedly heading home from Bike Week activities in Daytona Beach with the “Nam Knights,” the American Military Veteran and Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club. Bike week is an annual gathering of motorcycle enthusiasts including raffles and activities. Bish’s Facebook page indicates he attended Bike Week events on Friday as well.

Bish was a father and an Orlando Firefighter who worked at Station 11 in the city. His co-workers describe him as reliable and fun, and say he will be missed. “We [called him] by his last name… [or] sometimes “Grumpy!” He was a great character! He was a lot of fun to work with, but when it came time to do the job — he was there; and he was somebody we could count on,” said Fire District Chief Mark Austin of his fallen comrade. “When it’s our family that’s involved– then it hits home a little harder.”

Florida only requires motorcyclists 20 years of age and younger to wear helmets when they ride. Many states require that all riders wear helmets, regardless of age, while some have lower restrictions, such as helmets for riders 18 or 17 years of age and younger. New Hampshire is the only state with no helmet laws at all for motorcycles. Florida repealed a stricter law requiring that all motorcyclists wear helmets in 2000, after which motorcycle deaths increased by almost 50%.

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