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Pronto Fix Store in Hallandale Beach, Florida Damaged in Car Accident

Pronto Fix, a Hallandale Beach, Florida electronics store, was badly damaged Saturday when a driver crashed her SUV into the storefront, news sources indicate. It is unclear whether the driver, who reports did not identify, was injured in the crash. The store was closed when the accident took place, and no one inside was hurt. However, the accident caused an estimated $30,000 in damages. Police are investigating; so far it is unclear whether charges have been pressed. It is also unclear whether alcohol played a role in the accident.

Reports say the crash occurred around 7:30 Saturday evening at the shop, which is located on the corner of Hallandale Beach Boulevard and SE 4th Avenue. The store had celebrated its grand opening that very day. However, the shop had closed for the day before 7 P.M., so no customers were injured.

The collision occurred when the driver of the SUV attempted a left hand turn on the road outside of the shop. For unknown reasons, the driver misdirected her vehicle straight into the store. “She got scared, panicked, I’m not really sure, and she went right through [the storefront],” the storeowner told reporters.

The car pummeled through the glass storefront and crashed into a wall. In its path were thousands of dollars of worth of electronic equipment. The storeowner, though distraught, expressed some gratitude that the shop was closed during the accident. “We are always with customers and helping them out, and we’re always sitting on this couch. [If] we would have been here, it would have been a lot worse,” the owner said.

Early estimates indicate that the accident caused thousands of dollars’ worth of damages. The shop owner said, “At least $30,000 in electronics –at least– but what can we do?” It remains to be seen whether insurance will cover the costs associated with the damage or if the driver of the SUV will be facing legal action.

In other accident-related news, Samuel Grippo was injured Monday in a Lehigh Acres accident involving a school bus, reports indicate. The driver of the bus, identified as Fransara Jackson, 32, was issued a citation from improper backing. Grippo, 42, was taken to the Gulf Coast Hospital to be treated for non-life threatening injuries. No children appear to have been harmed in the crash.

Reports say the accident occurred around 8:00 Monday morning. According to reports, Jackson was driving a school bus carrying 27 young students from the River Hall Elementary School located in Alva. Reports say the bus was at a red light at the intersection of 59th Street West and Joan Avenue North. At some point, Jackson shifted the bus into reverse and backed up. During that time he collided with the front of Grippo’s vehicle, which was also stopped at the light.

Police and paramedics arrived on the scene and took Grippo to the Gulf Coast Hospital to be treated for minor injuries. None of the students aboard the bus were injured in the wreck. Following the accident, they were moved to another bus for transport to school as normal. The Florida Highway patrol issued a citation to the bus driver for making an improper roadway maneuver; reports did not say whether he was injured in the accident.

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